Smart Briefs

  • Co-Founder Shares Importance of Marketing and Data on The World Innovators Podcast
    Joanne Persico, President of ONEcount talks about how companies need to take the time to really understand who and why people are visiting their website and responding to their different marketing campaigns. With this knowledge, companies will be […]
  • Stay Connected: Bold Minds Virtual Mixer
    Looking to be apart of a dynamic think-tank group of inspiring thought leaders? Join Joanne Persico, President of ONEcount on November 3rd at 5:30pm – 7pm EST. Collaborate weekly with other execs, CEOs and industry colleagues for refreshing, […]
  • ONEcount Uses Advanced Machine Learning To Identify Audience Clusters
    ONEcount today announced it is using advanced Machine Learning (ML) technology to identify clusters of web site visitors that can be seamlessly targeted by its Marketing Activation Platform. With the new technology, ONEcount customers can identify […]
  • MCMA Summer SizzlerMCMA Virtual Summer Sizzler Series
    Join Board Member Joanne Persico, President of ONEcount every other Tuesday for a relaxing evening of fun, engaging conversation with our peers starting June 30, 2020 at 5:30pm EST. Zoom mixer will take place during the summer months. Mark your […]
  • Live Fireside ChatMCMA Fireside Chat: Customer Data & Insights to Fuel Revenue Growth
    Company President Joanne Persico shares successful client use cases on the latest Media & Content Marketing Association (MCMA) Fireside Chat. Topics included monetizing content, gating/paywalls, freemium metering, user-level advertising, lead […]
  • SIPA 2019 ConferenceSmart Brief | SIPA 2019 Focuses Growth from Data, Content Monetization and A.I.
    In today’s publishing climate executives are relying on data to generate growth, according to speakers at SIPA’s annual conference this week in Washington, D.C. The big topics so far? Customer data, content monetization and artificial intelligence. […]
  • Marketing Technology LandscapeCombating the High Price and Complexities of MarTech
    Over the past 6 years the number of marketing technology solutions has rapidly increased every year from a measly 500 solutions to nearly 6,000 solutions today. Each of these solutions are used by websites for a variety of purposes including: ad […]
  • Publisher's First-Party Data ComebackPublishing’s First-party Comeback, a timeline
    Facebook’s prominent presence in national news during Q1 of 2018 has involved stories about changes impacting publishers and media companies in multiple ways, both good and bad. ONEcount recapped the effects of the changes the social media network […]
  • GDPR Infographic: Privacy Laws in the US Compared to the EU
    There is more of a difference than just United States’ “opt-out” standard privacy laws compared to the European Union’s “opt-in” standard. ONEcount took a deeper look at each union’s privacy law standards. […]
  • Data Compliance GDPR and PIIONEcount Supports GDPR Compliance
    Beginning May 2018, the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will gain regulatory power. This law includes US-based businesses, specifically multinational companies, who will be subject to the regulations if their […]
  • Change is your opportunity - advertising visibilityChange is opportunity
    During an Association of Medical Media (AMM) meeting in New York City last month, a panel-led discussion of media executives spoke on the increasing challenges media companies are facing to better serve advertisers and sponsors. Today’s media […]
  • ONEcount combats data leakage to increase CPM
    Data leakage is a growing concern among publishers as more agency programmatic ad buyers increasingly bypass publishers and use their own data to pull out publisher user data from ad exchanges at low to no cost. Audience data should be proprietary […]
  • Why is First-Party Onboarding Vital?
    Onboarding is the process of connecting a user record in a database with a live person on your web site or web applications. ONEcount refers to this as converting unknowns to knowns. First-party onboarding means identifying web visitors using your […]
  • “Mom, These Cookies Are Stale!”
    “When I think about what we’ve been learning in the time spent with advertisers and publishers, it’s that the importance of reaching people and not cookies is really starting to become something that people are seeing true value […]
  • Identity: A Fraud Cure-All
    At last week’s Association of Medical Media’s (AMM) Educational Meeting, Chris Langel, Senior Director at MOAT declared, “Attention is currency.” Independent ad fraud researcher, Augustine Fou, PhD, from Marketing Science […]
  • ONEcount, CDP, DMP, WebinarsWhy the Krux/Salesforce Union is a Disaster for Media Companies
    The announcement this week that Krux is being acquired by Salesforce doesn’t mean that media companies using the Krux platform will suddenly have access to Salesforce’s suite of identity-based relationship management tools. In fact, if […]
  • ONEcount Digital Device SignaturesAudience Extension: Turning Identity Into Cash
    Everyone has heard of retargeting—serving ads to people who visit your website after they leave. These ads appear on a variety of other sites around the web, keeping your brand in front of your bounced site visitors in an attempt to bring them back. […]
  • Apple Moves To Limit Tracking in Safari: Proves the Value of Identity-based Targeting
    The Apple Developer Conference last week included the announcement of a new feature to the Safari browser that incorporates machine-learning technologies to block tracking pixels that are used by most advertising technologies—Intelligent Tracking […]
  • Prescribing Identity
    Identity is the new currency of online advertising. It improves CPMs for both sides by allowing an advertiser to target only those people they want to reach, albeit at a higher CPM, and avoid wasting impressions on unqualified non-customers. […]
  • Social Media - Social LoginsHow Do Social Logins Build My Audience?
    Ever since ONEcount began allowing users to authenticate using their social media credentials, publishers have been asking: How does this help me? Data culled from a social media account isn’t really audit-able, so why would you want to let […]