“Mom, These Cookies Are Stale!”

“When I think about what we’ve been learning in the time spent with advertisers and publishers, it’s that the importance of reaching people and not cookies is really starting to become something that people are seeing true value around…so the success that we’ve seen on mobile is beginning to solve problems of how you can make sure that the right person receives the right message.” —Brian Boland, Facebook’s VP of Ad Tech

“80% of publishers say they can’t compete with Facebook (or Google, for that matter) without better ad targeting technology.” —2015 Econsultancy Survey

“At the core, we are looking to market to people, not to devices. That’s the key,”Marta Martinez, SVP, AOL Advertising, talking to MediaPost’s Real-Time Daily, January 28, 2016

“Our identity-driven advertising/targeting platform enables publishers to target based on WHO, not just how many, clicked on what. Gleaning a deeper understanding of your audience—and creating a richer connection with them!—naturally translates to more effective marketing programs, new business, content strategy, print-to-digital shifts, and overall engagement.”
— Joanne Persico, ONEcount’s President