ONEcount combats data leakage to increase CPM

Data leakage is a growing concern among publishers as more agency programmatic ad buyers increasingly bypass publishers and use their own data to pull out publisher user data from ad exchanges at low to no cost.

Audience data should be proprietary to publishers, but it’s not. Using ad exchanges programmatic buyers at agencies buy a small amount of impressions, then to grow the segment with look-a-like audiences by using data from Epsilon or Acxiom. This allows programmatic buyers to create audience segments that otherwise would’ve cost nearly 4x CPM if sold by publishers.

How do they do it?

For example, a consumer magazine publishing digital content about parenting & family may have overseen an online sponsorship opportunity with a travel agency running a family-themed vacation campaign. Some of these consumers may also peruse travel content or websites. Let’s assume a travel agency website (advertiser) will pay the publisher $20 CPMs to reach a more targeted audience to advertise family-themed vacations.

Instead of the parenting & family publisher earning the $20 CPM directly, programmatic buyers build their own lookalike audience by matching the data collected via ad exchanges to third party sources with relevant audiences. This allows a programmatic buyer to purchase ad inventory for $5 CPM to target an audience segment.

How can publishers go direct to advertisers and gain a hold on advertising profits?

To start, publishers need to be able to track and identify their audience. ONEcount is the only Customer Data Platform (CDP) that can connect to every visitor touchpoint and record the most audience identifications possible.

Next, publishers need to serve ad content from sponsors to identified audience segments. To do this, publishers are increasingly using a Data Management Platform (DMP), but often struggle matching records between their CDP to the DMP.

ONEcount couples DMP capabilities in a single, highly-integrated platform enabling media companies to get premium CPMs by going direct, instead of allowing advertisers to pay pennies on the dollar.

The platform can seamlessly target your identified web visitors to exchanges based on AppNexus or DFP.

It’s intuitive, consolidated dashboards pull together all of your campaign data allowing internal team members and advertisers to securely run reports and generate detailed analysis for each campaign.

To find out how ONEcount can help you turn your audience identity into extra cash for your bottom line, contact Joanne Persico, President at or call 203.665.6211 x204.

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