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Change is your opportunity - advertising viewability

During an Association of Medical Media (AMM) meeting in New York City last month, a panel-led discussion of media executives spoke on the increasing challenges media companies are facing to better serve advertisers and sponsors.

Today’s media demands are tougher than ever. Advertisers continue to require high viewability numbers in the upward numbers of 80%-100% viewability, engagement guarantees, segment targeting among other deliverables.

Phillis Hassard, vice president of customer relations at Advanstar, now a consultant to UBM Medica with over 4 decades of media sales, affirmed: “change is opportunity.”

Measurement of effective online advertising has shifted from just analyzing impressions and CTRs to a focus on other metrics like viewability. Media companies traditionally sell channel-based banner spots to target relevant content to the right audience. With identity-driven targeting on the rise and becoming a mainstream preference, this change is forcing publishers to sell beyond their comfort level. Advertisers now want to know the “who” to ensure ad units are reaching both real people with relevant interests in a product or service.

This is a radical change in how we do business.

According to Digiday, viewability “…is an online advertising metric that aims to track only impressions that can actually be seen by users.” For an example of viewability let’s say an ad unit is located “below the fold” on a web page. If the user does not scroll down to see the ad, the served impression has no viewability–and is not counted.

Digital ad fraud affects everyone. Even the publishers who took the precaution of selling ads only on what are called “private ad exchanges” to tightly control their inventory and allow only brand-consistent advertisers on their sites have been victimized by fraud. In certain industries, any IVT traffic measuring over 3% constitutes an automatic make good. Publishers are playing catch up implementing measures to make sure that paid ads are being served to real people.

ONEcount, a customer data platform (CDP) combined with a data management platform (DMP), is leading the way in helping media companies deliver the results advertisers want.

The platform’s IVT mitigator differentiates real traffic from fraudulent traffic. If the traffic sources are deemed as IVT, the platform serves house ads so that paid impressions are shown to real people.

ONEcount’s Persona & Segmentation engine allows for instant targeting based on identity and/or behavior. One of its key features is the ability to match profiles to create first-party segments instantly serving ads to an advertiser’s customer list. Clients report increases in higher click-thru rates due to the relevant targeting.

In today’s digital world changes happen by the day, if not the hour. Previous historic reporting took days to compile and usually delivered to advertisers on a weekly or monthly basis. If a change was needed, it would’ve been delayed or not made until after the campaign.

Advertisers are demanding real-time reporting. ONEcount’s real-time advertiser dashboards allow media advertisers to access up-to-the-minute analytics and insights. Rather than reviewing needed optimizations after-the-fact, the platform’s dashboards allow for modifications to strategies, creative, copy and other tactics to be made to a campaign mid-stream.

Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity to increase the value of advertising by cutting waste, targeting the who and providing real-time data and metrics.

About ONEcount
Increase the value of advertisement’s CPM by using the platform to target real audiences, cut IVT by up to 50% in just days after implementation, and stop over-spraying impressions to fake audiences. Save time and impress advertisers with real-time dashboards that provide performance data while the campaign runs-allowing for changes to be made to optimize ads.

Contact Joanne Persico, President, and co-founder of ONEcount by phone at 203-665-6211 x204, or e-mail to learn how you can adapt to the change in what is important for your advertisers by using ONEcount’s audience activation platform.

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