Co-Founder Shares Importance of Marketing and Data on The World Innovators Podcast

Joanne Persico, President of ONEcount talks about how companies need to take the time to really understand who and why people are visiting their website and responding to their different marketing campaigns. With this knowledge, companies will be able to save time and money by only reaching the people who are most interested in what they have to offer.

Here are few questions discussed during the interview:
• Why is it essential for companies to stop keeping their data in separate silos and platforms?
• Marketing has changed, and companies need to enhance their brand, which will instill trust that builds relationships. How can knowing who is engaging with a brand, on what channel help develop the right marketing path for a company?
• Recently, I was talking to a client about offering ungated content. Do you feel there are benefits to providing ungated content?
• Last week, you mentioned you were talking with an association that did not separate its students from professional members. Why is segmentation so important?

To watch the entire interview, visit:

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