How to Combine Data + Marketing to 10X Your Business

It seems that everyone is talking about data.

At first it was #bigdata . Then it was #dataprivacy … data mining … data management … cloud data . And more recently, how big tech is handling our data.

Whether you’re a massive corporation or a #solopreneur , today everyone has the ability to collect customer data – and is seeing lots of advantages in doing so.

The challenge is what do we do with the growing mass of data that we are able to collect?

How do we turn it into something that is actionable – useful – in improving or growing our business?

To get some top level advice as to how we can leverage our data to grow our business, Jane Singer, host of A Seat at the Table sat down with the very talented Joanne Persico, President and Co-founder of ONEcount, a SaaS platform that helps companies integrate multiple, diverse data streams – and then analyze it for practical, actionable customer insights that can generate more leads and 10X customer experience.

In this episode, Joanne will talk about:

– 6 Pillars for Rethinking How You Manage Data

– How B2B Companies Can Use Customer Data Like Big Tech Does (in other words, Steal a Page from the B2C Playbook)

– How Better Data Management Can Support Your Company in Building Greater Trust with Your Customers

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