The Challenge

A big challenge in member retention and renewals is knowing a person's subscription or membership status before expiring and matching those identified individuals online.

Solutions & Tactics Applied

Most publisher's renewal e-mail campaigns involve manipulating lists from various systems then, feeding them into your Marketing Automation, or E-Mail Service Provider (ESP) platform. The system works, but it's not ideal.

Because ONEcount is the only Customer Data Platform that includes real-time targeting, it can automatically deliver custom tactics based on a web visitor's subscription or membership status the first time they visit your site.

With ONEcount, you simply create an audience target such as, "Subscription to X expires in 60 days", or "Membership expires in 15 days", to determine what tactic would be used and deployed.

ONEcount's intelligent, machine-learning architecture constantly evaluates the member or subscription status of every web site visitor, and can trigger a banner, pop-up or e-mail depending on the user's status. It can even trigger a pop-up directing them to the renewal form to further simplify the process.

The Results

One publisher increased renewal rates by 22% by simply deploying this tactic with the ONEcount platform.


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