ONEcount Uses Advanced Machine Learning To Identify Audience Clusters

ONEcount today announced it is using advanced Machine Learning (ML) technology to identify clusters of web site visitors that can be seamlessly targeted by its Marketing Activation Platform.

With the new technology, ONEcount customers can identify groups of users based on both demographic characteristics and content consumption. This allows for more accurate targeting of offers and advertising, increasing the Lifetime Value of every web interaction.

Most ML-based segmentation technologies focus solely on user behavior within a web site. ONEcount’s technology combines behavior from multiple sites, and adds demographic characteristics to its ML algorithms, providing richer, more useful clusters. The system can also factor in e-mail consumption and past purchase data in identifying audience clusters.

Once a cluster of users is identified, ONEcount’s powerful Marketing Activation Platform (MAP) can target those users across a range of sites and tactics, including Facebook or LinkedIn, e-mail, web site interstitials, etc.

“Customers are using our platform to identify audiences and target relevant offers to their customers,” said Sean Fulton, vice president of technology for ONEcount. “These new tools automate the process, identifying clusters of users at the moment they are most ready to buy.”

About ONEcount
ONEcount is a customer data platform that combines a full Marketing Activation Platform in one, tightly integrated stack. Leveraging a mature history of identity resolution, data consolidation and advanced identification and targeting tools, ONEcount delivers a simple-to-manage ecosystem while streamlining the tech stack.

The system features real-time dashboards, secure advertiser data feeds, an e-mail marketing engine, advertising integrations, social and single sign-on abilities, and a host of other tools are built-in to drive cross-sell and upsell initiatives, increase conversions and decrease waste to grow sales and revenue.

For more information, or to request a demo, call Joanne Persico at 203-665-6211 ext. 5204.

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