Smart Brief | SIPA 2019 Focuses Growth from Data, Content Monetization and A.I.

In today’s publishing climate executives are relying on data to generate growth, according to speakers at SIPA’s annual conference this week in Washington, D.C.

The big topics so far? Customer data, content monetization and artificial intelligence.

Whether in the B2B or B2C space, knowing what markets to target and how to not fatigue audience segments is essential to maintain and improve key performance indicators (KPI’s). With limited human and technological resources, many departments are becoming strained by the amount of options that all cannot possibly be executed.

SIPA 2019 Event

Joanne Persico, President of ONEcount’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) and SIPA member, has pioneered digital growth efforts using data in the media space and shared her perspective on the importance of data.

“Revenue from media is not cookie-cutter,” shared Persico, adding: “the only common element to growth is data, the difference is how it is used to power paid/ freemium content models, campaign reporting and audience development.”

Content Monetization & Growth

Content gating strategies are back! With enhanced technology to close paywall and content gate loopholes, ONEcount can attest to helping SIPA attendees “Make More Money”.

ONEcount’s cookie-less technology, device signatures and browser fingerprinting close user access loopholes. By stitching a fabric of identity across audience browsers and devices, a holistic single view of each user is created, and insights are reported in an aggregated manner across segments.

Campaign and content performance intelligence on behavioral data collected across channels, web properties and devices adds to the reliability and confidence of key evidence to develop growth strategies.

The ONEcount platform has given publishers of all sizes the ability to more efficiently gate assets, learn about user behavior and optimize digital strategies resulted in significant revenue growth. New subscribers who were served the paywall converted at an average rate of 30%.

Artificial Intelligence

No matter the revenue model, engagement is a key media metric.

Publishers with advertising-based revenue models have flocked around strategies to keep users on-site longer by curating content suggestions. Still today, for some this remains a manual effort.

ONEcount couples several features into a single toolkit that all serve clients based on individual use cases. A need for automated classification and curation of content from clients made way for ONEcount’s content recommendation engine.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) the recommendation engine automates personalization by suggesting content curated based on 1-5 algorithms—recently posted, look-a-like content, similar interest, trending and similar demographics.

Before you go…

Data is the key ingredient to “make more money” whether to monetize content or build engagement. Working with clients for over two decades to consolidate disparate data sources and unify audience profiles across all touchpoints has uniquely positioned ONEcount in the customer data platform (CDP) space.

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