Identity: A Fraud Cure-All

At last week’s Association of Medical Media’s (AMM) Educational Meeting, Chris Langel, Senior Director at MOAT declared, “Attention is currency.” Independent ad fraud researcher, Augustine Fou, PhD, from Marketing Science Consulting Group added, “Context is hugely important, and quite possibly central to all advertising and marketing.”

He explained how additional data we glean from digital, social, and mobile channels should not be used to target more ads at users, but to figure out “pertinent contexts” of those users so we can better optimize what we deliver to them and how we deliver it. ONEcount is doing this for some of you right now.

Fou later explained that with significant click fraud in the digital ecosystem, contextual placement of ads in conjunction with premium content generates higher response rates by known users. So, reducing ad waste due to fraud yields immediate ROI because campaigns directed at legit sites with human traffic convert anonymous visitors to qualified users.

Knowing both who your ads are being served to and who is viewing those ads will have a direct result on ROI. In this context, it’s important to note that publishers using an identity-based management platform like ONEcount typically convert 40 to 70 percent of their audiences from unknown to known within six months. That’s an immediate—and measurable—bump in ROI.

Advertisers, agencies, and publishers know the digital advertising ecosystem is ‘fraught with fraud’. The idea that more ad impressions lead to greater awareness, and therefore a lift in sales, is based on the assumption those ads were seen by humans. Given today’s highly competitive digital climate, we can’t afford to assume.

Fou emphasized, “Even if the ad is viewable, if no human saw it, it is valueless to the advertiser.” Remember, if a tree falls…

At a recent Publishing Executive conference, the question arose, is the new digital landscape a case of “rising tides raise all boats,” or are those “[small] brands with great audiences” going to win disproportionately?

The answer: Publishers and web site operators with powerful, identity-based targeting technology will find better and more unique ways to solve the challenges that brands and agencies have at scale. Those without will have to outsource much of their business to programmatic ad networks, giving up 40% to 50% of their CPMs in the process.

That’s a tough pill to swallow.

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