If your customer data sits in different systems and you don't have a single view of every person, you need a CDP.


Think of all the data you have about your customers in all your various systems.

You have data from a CRM, a Point-of-Sale system, an e-mail platform, a corporate data lake. All of these data "silos" hold valuable insights about your customers and prospects. But it's of little use sitting in a silo.

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) consolidates all of this data into a single platform so that you have a complete profile of your customers across all of your touch-points.

Most CDPs focus on the data warehouse. This means you have to connect it to everything. ONEcount is different. Our platform includes the tools you need to consolidate your data and to act on that data in one simple platform.

ONECount is the only CDP to include code-free data connectors and built-in marketing tools to simplify your marketing operations.



ONEcount uses first-party cookies and digital fingerprints so you can track and identify visitors to your web sites.

Our unique identity sync tools that connect to your data partners, such as your e-mail provider, registration vendor, webinar and video provider, so you have a single view of every customer. Therefore, you can connect that user's browser or phone to their database record for future tracking.

Create a unique identity graph (ID Graph) for every customer by combining data from all of your customer touch points into a single profile. This provides better insight and more precise targeting for all of your marketing efforts.



Customer Data Platforms (CDP)s are designed to consolidate data for segmentation and targeting.

But most CDPs don't include the tools needed to do the segmentation and targeting. Therefore, those CDPs require API integration with other tools that you have to buy separately and have your team integrate.

ONEcount is the only CDP with integrated targeting and analytics tools. These tools make it easy for marketers to execute programs without a software engineer.

Precisely target every visitor using any information you have in your separate data silos.  For example, you can execute a range of built-in tactics including e-mails, pop-ups and banners from within the platform.

What's more, ONEcount includes password-protected dashboards provide all stake-holders with insights across the entire ecosystem.

50 PERCENT of customer interactions today happen during multichannel, multi-event journey.

—McKinsey & Company

MARKETERS who use personalization can reduce their acquisition costs by as much as 50 PERCENT.

—Harvard Business Review

"Keeping customer data locked in silos is the key to increased sales..."

--Nobody, Ever

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