Insider Insights: Borrell Miami 2022 Recap

Great seeing so many of you in Miami this year. Although Covid has changed much of how we are doing business, seeing transformation and innovation from the attendees was exciting and promising.

The challenges in the digital landscape are fierce as changes in privacy, data collection, the third-party cookie disruption and walled gardens continues to plague us.

Talking with many of you just reaffirmed my commitment to level the playing field for today’s media companies.

Here’s a recap…

Identity reachChallenges:

  • Data is all over the place! There is a great need to consolidate first-party data across all data silos and third-party systems —creating a single source of truth
  • Difficulties in tracking and reporting identity-driven insights across all user touch points and channels remains a problem
  • Cross-functional teams lack aggregated, actionable intelligence to drive business outcomes
  • Advertisers and sponsors are demanding deeper audience insights, content consumption and precision targeting. Proving ROI beyond the “how many”
  • Complexity in curating multi-channel personalization and messaging—both on-site and off-site. Customers expect VIP experiences
  • Growing and acquiring new audiences for direct monetization remains difficult
  • Maintaining trust and transparency with both audiences and advertisers/sponsors is an on-going struggle

Analytics imageHow ONEcount can help:

  • ONEcount provides a single, unified customer view across your entire enterprise. Know your audiences! Facebook, Google, Apple does. So should you.
  • ONEcount aggregates behavioral and identity-driven insights across all user touchpoints and channels —enabling teams to action instantly
  • ONEcount consolidates reporting all-in-one place. Increases efficiencies and new sales storytelling across marketing, editorial, and sales teams
  • ONEcount provides the ability to instantly deploy cross-tactic personalization —increases engagement, page views, impressions, new sign-ups, renewals, etc.

Views ImageClient Successes

  • Increases in productivity, efficiencies across teams/divisions, higher advertiser and subscriber retention rates
  • Reduction in manual labor, saving time and money
  • Productizes new revenue streams and product offerings

If you would like to talk about your specific use cases, benefits of a customer data platform or customer success stories, drop me an e-mail at or call me at 516-456-8408.


Joanne Persico | President of ONEcount

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