American Medical Communications (AMC) Selects ONEcount’s CDP and PostUp to Activate Audiences


Publishers and advertisers rarely have a picture-perfect view of audience segments. American Medical Communications (AMC), a full-service agency focused on serving medical associations and publishers, selected ONEcount’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) to enhance insights on audience segments by tracking visitors’ behavior across all channels. The platform further enhances audience intelligence by adding a user’s identity (PII) to their behavioral history to relevantly target messaging.

AMC’s goal is to serve curated experiences to yield increased impressions, click through rates (CTR) and conversions. ONEcount’s technology enables dynamic advertising by layering behavioral data with AMC’s valuable first-party data.

Tools similar to what Google and Facebook use can now be leveraged across their marketing ecosystem. For example, a subscriber who consumes content about geriatric therapy and has been identified as an Oncologist can be targeted with ad campaigns for oncology medications for elderly patients.

“We selected ONEcount to help drive advertising revenue because of the platform’s unique targeting and identity resolution capabilities. Our advertisers increasingly demand quality lead generation and cross-channel reporting down to individual user levels,” said JC Landry, an industry thought-leader and Executive Vice President at AMC.

Identified users that engage with ad campaigns on—a provider of medical content about the latest research and trends in medicine—are tracked and can be reported at the individual level along with KPI’s.

Real-time dashboards report activity across all channels (websites, advertising campaigns, e-mail newsletters) enabling internal teams and advertisers to monitor and optimize campaign performance in a single-view. Unified reporting is available immediately and does not require hours for analysts to manually compile metrics from several data sources.

A key initiative is to extend were their e-mail capabilities. PostUp, a leading e-mail service provider specializing in working with national media companies, is seamlessly integrated with ONEcount.

“Using ONEcount’s CDP in conjunction with PostUp’s robust e-mail marketing solution allows AMC to effectively monetize engaged audiences across their tactics like registration, lead generation and advertising offerings,” said Joanne Persico, President, ONEcount.

The integration with PostUp allows audience segments to be targeted by e-mail using data from AMC’s multiple data sources, now consolidated by ONEcount. AMC has the ability to target e-mail campaigns to defined segments based on a variety of user data, such as: event or webinar attendance, medical specialty, geographic data, and other first-party data. Further, ONEcount’s integration with LiveRamp creates opportunities for AMC to also target unknown user segments defined using third-party data.

About American Medical Communications (AMC)
AMC delivers online, mobile and print medical advertising change through partnerships with Medical Associations and Publishers by helping to analyze, update, manage, and grow business development capabilities for the future. AMC has invested significant resources in technology applications, as well as the expert personnel required to deliver outstanding products and revenue growth to our clients. For more information, contact JP Landry, Executive Vice President, AMC at

About PostUp
PostUp’s email marketing platform is designed to help brands communicate with their customers.
An Email Service Provider with a proven services team, an award-winning platform, and handpicked partners, PostUp delivers personalized communications that drive engagement and increase revenues. To learn more about PostUp, contact Pat Asbra at 512-422-8687, VP of Sales at

About ONEcount
ONEcount is a customer data platform (CDP) coupled with DMP capabilities specifically designed for media companies. Leveraging a mature history of identity resolution, data consolidation and advanced identification and targeting tools, ONEcount delivers a simple-to-manage ecosystem while streamlining the tech stack. It’s real-time dashboards, secure advertiser data feeds, IVT mitigator, integration with leading ESPs, banner platforms, social sign-on abilities, and a host of other tools are built-in to drive cross-sell and upsell initiatives, increase conversions and decrease waste to grow incremental sales and revenue. To learn more about how to take advantage of the platform, contact Joanne Persico, President at 203.665.6211, x204 or

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