ONEcount Releases Artificial Intelligence Powered Content Recommendation Engine

Last week ONEcount, the audience activation platform, announced the addition of a Content Recommendation Engine as an added feature in the latest release. The Content Recommendation Engine uses Artificial Intelligence, or A.I., to identify and categorize content by topics.

This new feature helps media companies increase audience engagement, website pageviews and average time on-site.

“Recommending relevant content keeps users on-site longer, resulting in a better user experience with the added benefits of higher impressions, conversions and yields for advertising revenue,” said Joanne Persico, President of ONEcount. Learn more in this product video “Increase Audience Engagement using Content Recommendations & A.I.”

Publishers can set up any number of content recommendation algorithms for multiple websites and sections of sites.

Analytics for content recommendation algorithms are reported within ONEcount to monitor clicks and to gain insights on performance.

Content suggestions are curated using machine learning. The algorithm uses various methods layering user demographics from all touchpoints and/or on-site behavior.

Each algorithm’s method can be prioritized by weighting the algorithms. Once rules for content recommendations are configured, a Javascript code is added to respective website templates within any content management system (CMS).

ONEcount Content Recommendation Engine

The look-and-feel of the front-end content recommendation widget can be customized. ONEcount allows for custom headings, fonts, colors and sizes to match the theme of different web properties. “Although ready to use out-of-the-box, it is very easy for marketers and digital teams to manipulate the widget’s front-end appearance.” Persico said.

ONEcount’s experience with development and integrations for over 20 years has largely focused on creating solutions for media and publishing companies. The platform’s latest release continues to provide clients the ability to compete directly against Google and Facebook.

To learn more about ONEcount’s robust all-in-one platform and how the comprehensive suite of marketing technology consolidates customer data to serve relevant advertising and content to users contact Joanne Persico, President and Co-founder, by phone at 203.665.6211 ext. 204, or e-mail

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