End the year with more revenue!

Happy Thanksgiving! Take advantage of this special offer of a 3-month test drive of the leading audience tech stack. Sign in 2023. Start anytime. Wishing you every blessing of this bountiful season from your friends at ONEcount! The ONEcount platform will include the following services: Data warehouse– data storage, backup, redundancy, authentication Behavioral data collection[…]

Consumer Publisher

Global News Publisher Scores $400K in Additional Subscription Revenue by Closing AlI Identity Loopholes

Client Challenge This consumer publisher was limited with a digital paywall product that they inherited when acquired. Single sign on was a multi-step process and there was no direct tie in with their fulfillment vendor which housed their print subscribers. Their business model was offering a traditional subscription which included access to their Digital Edition.[…]

[ WEBINAR ] ONEcount BI LIVE! With special guest: Specialized Fulfillment Services (SFS)

Learn how you can identify trends and leverage opportunities across your entire audience operation with ONEcount BI.  ONEcount BI is the only business intelligence toolkit that is integrated into a complete Audience Tech Stack. End costly integrations and API development that leave you locked into your current vendor. ONEcount and ONEcount BI give you the[…]

Data Lake, Data Warehouse or CDP—What’s the Difference?

Swimming in Data? ONEcount has the answer. Today’s marketers are tasked with deploying multi-channel tactics across all user touchpoints. To execute and support your marketing efforts effectively, this requires having all your data accessible in ONE place. I commonly hear “I don’t know that number because my data sits in separate silos.” Or, “I have[…]

Bold Minds Think Tank Celebrates 200th Consecutive Week

Join ONEcount Co-Founder Joanne Persico every Wednesday at 5:30pm – 7pm ET with other industry execs for off-the-record conversation. Started in April 2020 during the pandemic, the disruptive landscape created a huge need for executives to share information and hear how other companies were sustaining success or having to pivot to stay afloat. Now on[…]

LMA Webinar: Accelerating Reader and Advertiser Revenue Using Your First-Party Data

Newspapers invented first-party data. Yet, many publishers lack a first-party data strategy and an actionable 360-degree customer view. Date: Tuesday, December 6th, 1PM EST | 10AM PST This webinar will cover: How to leverage the first-party you already have Using behavioral intent and content insights to acquire new subscribers, increase renewals and sign ups Understanding[…]

Best Practices For Generating Revenue #3: Connect …The …Dots

Content, e-mail, social, banner, events, content, offline data, Oh-My! Now what… In this 2-minute video, we’ll cover: What questions to ask when evaluating which assets/data sources need to be consolidated Why a 360-degree customer view is the key ingredient to tailoring customer experiences across all user interactions What is the data story really telling you?[…]

Best Practices For Generating Revenue #2: Know Your Customers

An email address is just the tip of the iceberg. Knowing everything about your customer, including their behavior and intent signals will help you put “customer first” on every interaction. This short video includes Harvard Business Review stats you don’t want to miss.   Joanne Persico, co-founder at ONEcount, shares five key pillars to maximizing[…]

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