ESP Computer Services Announces Partnership with ONEcount’s CDP

ONEcount and ESP Computer Services, Inc. (ESP) announced this week a strategic integration that will amplify the powerful services they provide to mutual customers. ESP fulfillment customers will have real-time access to the host of capabilities that ONEcount’s platform includes to optimize user experience across multiple marketing channels.

ESP and ONEcount Partnership

ESP joined ONEcount’s Value-Added Implementation Partner (VIP) program which includes marketing technology vendors, e-mail service providers, experienced audience management professional services firms, other fulfillment services and circulation professionals who provide clients with such additional audience management services. The VIP program allows ONEcount to work with other vendors to develop holistic solutions for clients.

The ESP and ONEcount integration provides ESP clients the opportunity to consolidate customer fulfillment data with data from sources such as e-mail service providers, web analytics, online accounts (social/single-sign-on), and DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). Consolidating data into a single Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables clients to identify, track and target website visitors in real-time with the most up-to-date-information.

When a customer record is updated from ONEcount, data is transferred to the appropriate systems—like ESP’s fulfillment database. The bi-directional integrations between ONEcount and disparate databases gives publishers and media companies powerful tools and capabilities that no single fulfillment vendor offers.

“We’re excited about this partnership and what it means for clients and prospects.  ESP has done many custom integrations upon request, but this is a step toward having a more native integration and providing additional metrics, especially the web analytics, that publishing clients are clamoring for,” said Mike Jordan, ESP’s CEO.

Audience Identity & Segmentation
Similar to most Data Management Platforms (DMPs), ONEcount enables publishers to segment audiences based on behavior. By coupling the ONEcount solution with Customer Data Platform (CDP) capabilities, audience segments can also be created based on identity. In today’s highly competitive digital media landscape, targeting audiences based on multi-faceted criteria is a must.

Recent changes to Facebook and Google’s advertising platforms has created an opportunity for publishers to strategically drive revenue by using first-party customer data. “ONEcount puts the power back into the hands of publishers who can now leverage the true power of their audience data and act on audiences relevantly,” said Sean Fulton, Vice President of Technology at ONEcount.

The platform provides a cross-tactic view of all users and segments through a single, intuitive dashboard reporting activities and engagement across all integrations. The consolidated analytics allow for development of audiences and campaign optimization. Clients discover new insights by easily configuring and querying dashboards within ONEcount.

After defining segmentation strategies and tactics, targeting for specific segments can be configured directly within ONEcount. The platform has capabilities to target segments based on multi-faceted sets of criteria with popup interstitials, e-mail blasts, ad banners and redirects.

Privacy & Security Compliance
A key advantage of ONEcount’s solution is out-of-the-box compliance with privacy regulations, like the European Union’s (EU’s) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Clients and their customers can manage data in a single preference center that complies with the requirements of GDPR. This also eliminates the hassle for clients having to track down user profiles from multiple data silos to edit or remove PII.

If a user identifies themselves as a resident of an EU member country, additional questions are displayed on forms to confirm they are opting-in and that they are of the age of consent to capture profile data (16 years of age or older). Users who indicate EU residency must agree to the GDPR terms to submit the form. After consent is given the date, time and other information are recorded in ONEcount’s advanced back end logs.

About ESP Computer Services, Inc.

Founded in 1971, ESP Computer Services, Inc. (“ESP”) provides complete subscription and membership fulfillment as well as ancillary product fulfillment for magazines, newspapers, and newsletters. ESP’s interactive real-time system supports paid, controlled, and combined files, with strict adherence to audit considerations of the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM), BPA Worldwide, and Verified Audit Circulation (VAC).  ESP’s strength is in subscription fulfillment, especially for publishing clients with complex or unique needs.  ESP excels in servicing subscription products with high-frequency, mixed circulation, various distribution channels, and/or sophisticated web components. For more information about ESP Computer Services, Inc. please contact Michael Jordan, Chief Executive Officer at, or 818-487-4502.

About ONEcount

ONEcount is an identity-driven advertising platform specifically designed for media companies. The software features a powerful targeting engine that can be used to target content and banners against both behavior and identity. One of the key strengths of ONEcount is its ability to convert unknown web visitors into “known” users. It’s real-time dashboards, secure advertiser data feeds, IVT mitigator, gating/paywall/metering, integration with leading ESPs, banner platforms, social sign-on abilities, and a host of other tools are built-in to drive cross-sell and upsell initiatives, increase conversions and decrease waste to grow incremental sales and revenue. To learn more about ONEcount’s powerful stack of integrations and partners or to learn about the VIP partner program, contact Joanne Persico, President at or call 203.665.6211 x204.

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