ONEcount Update Release for 10/30/2020

Happy Friday! We’re pleased to announce a new release of ONEcount went live this afternoon. The new release includes the following features, changes and improvements:

  • ONEmail now supposed content keywords. When creating a new campaign, you’ll now have a box to enter content keywords, similar to the keywords meta-tag that is used on a web page. These keywords will be used by ONEcount for content-based targeting, segmentation and analytics.
  • ONEmail can now pull the campaign subject and content keywords from meta tags on a scraped web page. This is ideal for users who create their campaigns in the web content management system because it allows you to customize both the message subject and the content keywords from your CMS. To use it, simply add to the page being scraped by ONEcount. To add content keywords, just use as you would an SEO keyword meta tag. Please note that if the campaign has a subject and/or keywords entered in the ONEmail interface, this will override the one being scraped with the web page from your CMS.
  • We have added new analytics panels to the newsletter and web analytics pages. These will show cross-over engagement between e-mail and web for both segments and content keywords.
  • You can now specify a default Product or Package selection while placing import job. This allows you to upload a file and have all of the transactions or users in that file be subscribed to the same package or product.
  • Week and monthly dates for behavior filters in segment manager.
  • Updates to List wizard “known users” filter.
  • New Target testing capability: In the Segment Manager, Segment Creation screen, under Account Based Marketing, ONEcount now displays the current user’s IP address and browser string. This allows you to add yourself to a segment, or create a segment that is “just you” for use in testing targeting. This allows you to target yourself by your IP address and browser string, skipping over the normal cookie- or identity-based targeting for testing purposes.
  • Displaying IP address and User agent in Account based marketing

Conversion to ALL SSL communication: Just a reminder that starting Sunday, all ONEcount traffic will be redirected over https: connections. This will guarantee greater security for your data and bring ONEcount more in line with current, accepted industry standards.

We expect these changes will not have any adverse impact on your operation. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or file a ticket with the help desk for immediate support.

Also, a quick reminder that our next Customer Update Event will be this Wednesday, November 4, at 11 a.m. Save the date! Zoom info will follow next week!

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