ONEcount Release Notes for 10/20/2020

Happy 202020 Day!

In honor of today’s overall redundancy, we have rolled out a new update to ONEcount that offers the following changes and improvements:

* In the Segment Manager, we now provide real-time counts of demographic fields while you are selecting them. Previously, totals were not available until a few hours after the segment was created.

We have changed the Action Manager to include more options, which will allow you to automate actions. With these changes, you can automate subscription processing (i.e., if someone subscribes to Newsletter A, unsubscribe them from Newsletter B, etc., if someone is in Segment A, add them to Segment B, etc.

This was a brilliant suggestion by Shelley Meidlinger so solve the problem of automating subscription changes within the system. Thank you Shelley!

In the Segment Manager, we have added a dedicated tab for Audience-Based Marketing to make it easier to find and use;

Our customer view screen has been enhanced with a visualization showing the user’s overall engagement with the various products and tactics that you deploy:

We have added the ability the include searches based on segment to your List Wizard queries. You can also exclude unknown users from your queries:

There are also numerous bug fixes throughout the system.

We expect the new release will not impact your current operations, but as always, if you run into problems, have questions, or think of anything you would like added to the new features, please don’t hesitate to file a help desk ticket.

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