Release Notes – 4/30/2021

Say good-bye to April with one last ONEcount release!

The team is proud to introduce an upgrade to our ONEcount platform that includes the following features and changes:

Revamped Navigation: We’ve moved our navigation bar from the top to the right-hand side, giving the application a more modern look and feel, and providing more room for on-screen actions and data. We will be enhancing the in-line help system over the coming weeks, and updating our documentation to reflect the new navigation as well.

You will also notice that we’ve re-organized the back end as well, clustering all back-end functions under four main groups:

SETUP: This is where ALL setup and configuration is done
ANALYTICS & DASHBOARDS: This the intelligence and analytics for ONEcount
DATA MANAGEMENT: Imports, exports, List Wizard, Merges and other data manipulation
ACTIVATION: Targeting, ONEmail, Recommendations

***PLEASE NOTE*** If the navigation bar looks a little funky (ie., not like the screen shot above), you will need to refresh your browser to get it to load the new Javascript. Just click on this link for information on how to do that in your browser and platform:

Optimized Segment Processing: We’ve changed some of the back-end segment processes to generate your segments more quickly once they have been defined. We’ve also added a new engagement metric “did not click” for e-mail campaigns, allowing you to target users who did not click on a campaign or group of campaigns

Default Search Field: We’ve changed the back-end user config to allow you to define the default search field in our back-end user search (upper right). This is useful because some users will always look up users by account number, while others may always look up users by OCID or e-mail. Simply go to the Back-End user Admin and define the default search field for each user

Import Tool: Modified the import tool to give different import options for web and engagement data

Processed Counts in ONEmail Campaign Interface: Fixed counts to they represent # of messages sent instead of # of message attempts

ONEmail Batch Processing: Fixed a bug in the ONEmail batch processing that could cause ONEmail to send the same campaign to the same batch of people more than once.

If you have any questions or run into anything strange, please let us know. Either open a help desk ticket or contact


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