Release Notes – 5/28/2021

Happy Thursday before a Long-Weekend Friday!

With many people able to “go away” for the holiday for the first time in more than a year, I figured we should get this out today on the off-chance that you are not around Friday to read up on the latest ONEcount release!

Tomorrow we will introduce a new release of ONEcount that features split campaign testing (often called A/B) testing, for all of your forms, offers and pop-ups.

We have also introduced a new tool that will let you define a test campaign including:

  • The forms to rotate through testing
  • The metric to use as a KPI (completions or subscriptions)
  • The sample size

With the new release, when you create a gating product or package, you will be able to select a Form, a URL, or a Test Campaign. When you Select Test Campaign, the system will rotate through the chosen forms or offers until the metric has been reached, at which point it will automatically choose a winner and serve that form or offer to all remaining users.

The Test Campaign tool also includes some basic analytics to give you an idea of how how form did, allow you to change form content during a test if needed.

This new feature is scheduled to go live Friday, May 28, so expect to be able to enjoy it when you return to work on Tuesday.

In addition to this new feature, Friday’s release includes the following fixes and changes:

  • Better handling of international characters on demographic input
  • Product/Package lists now show current # of subscribers
  • Better updating of progress on import jobs
  • Continued clean up of the config manager
  • E-mailed receipts can now be sent for registration-only products. Previously, e-mailed receipts were only sent for paid products

As always, please let us know if you run into any problems with the new release by filing a help desk ticket or e-mail:

Have a great holiday weekend!

Sean Fulton | VP of Technology

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