ONEcount Release Notes for 2/4/21

Happy Friday!

Just wanted to alert you all to an upgrade to ONEcount that was released yesterday. The changes in this release have been discussed in our monthly customer calls and with most of you individually in our weekly meetings, so the only “news” here should be that these changes are now live. However, if you have any questions, concerns or are experiencing any problems, please don’t hesitate to open a help desk ticket or e-mail me so that we can resolve the issue.

The following changes were made in this new release:

  • Cookie changes: There are no changes to the customer domain cookies (local cookie). We have changed the cookie to be a domain cookie, which will allow us greater flexibility in providing our services to you. Any code you have that relies on first-party cookies that exist in your domain should not need any modifications. Customers do not typically have access to cookies in the domain so there shouldn’t be any issues as a result of this change.
  • Forms as Pop ups: You can now use the ONEcount Form Builder to create pop-up messaging and calls to action right within the pop-up itself. To do so, go into the Form Builder and on the first panel, select Form Type Pop-Up. It will then have a series of pop-up parameters for you to choose from. To use the pop-up in the action manager, there’s now an option under Action Type to Select Form Builder Pop-Up. PLEASE NOTE: In order to use Form Builder Pop Ups on your site, you will need to set up your DNS so that the forms can be loaded into your domain. For more information, please read here: Forms Can Be Hosted on Your Domain: You can now host your forms on your domains. To do so you will need to configure your DNS so that the forms can be loaded into your domain. You will also need to specify the HOST/Domain Name for the form in the Product Creation or Package Creation Screens. Otherwise, the forms will default to using the domain as it currently does.
  • Fixed FTP issues on import jobs
  • Transaction data can be downloaded for Product transactions using List Wizard
  • Remove unconfirmed option for e-deliverability in List wizard
  • Brand Manager can be used on Form Builder Forms: Previously, the Brand Manager was used to deploy a different look and feel for a password reset or account lookup form depending on either a URL parameter or where the user was coming from. We have had numerous requests to enable this functionality on forms built using the Form Builder. This capability has been built into the ONEcount platform. It is currently disabled, but will be enabled on Feb. 12, 2021. During the ensuing week, please check your forms to ensure that you do not currently have a brand code hard-coded into the URL, or that if you do, that code does not conflict with other code on your form.

Please contact know if you have any questions or concerns.

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