Release Notes – 2/23/2021

Happy Monday! In celebration of yet another week into 2021, we’ve decided to put out a new release that includes the following changes and features:

  • Redirecting user to Primary Product form when Product is part of multiple Packages during gating: When you create a gating product (section or URL), the system requires you to select a primary form that ONEcount will send users to when they click on that asset directly. In cases where a gated Product URL is part of a package, ONEcount’s logic would instead send the user to the Primary for the package. This creates problems when the same Product is used in multiple Packages if each Package has a different primary form, because ONEcount would not know which form to send the user to. We are changing this logic so that if the Product is part of multiple Packages, ONEcount will revert to the primary form as defined in the gating Product definition.
  • Applying promo code on Terms: Previously a Promo Code or Discount Code applied to a whole package. This made it difficult to offer different discounts on different terms. We are changing this logic so that now, a Promo Code can be defined at the Term level. In order to define a Promo Code for a whole package, you will need to select all of the Terms in that package.
  • Display only few terms on forms instead of all Terms: ONEcount will now allow you to specify which terms appear on a form, instead of applying all of the terms for a package on a given form. This is useful if you have free or comp terms that you do not want to offer customers on forms. Previously, users were forced to create two separate Packages, which resulted in gating issues.
  • Mods to Dashboard analytics filters: Dashboard analytics filters will now apply to all charts
  • Adding more error status and messages to export jobs
  • Refocusing to error message on forms after submit
  • Adding config for email match validation. Previously “Confirm Email” was the default text displayed on Form but now customer can modify it using config in config manager
  • Added New and Renew subscriptions in segment manager

These changes should be live tomorrow afternoon. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to open a ticket on the help desk or e-mail me directly.

Please contact know if you have any questions or concerns.

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