ONEcount Notes Release for 5/11/2020

The following release will take place on Monday afternoon. While there will be some changes to the interface, none should be breaking to your operations. The following changes are being released:

Documentation for the List Wizard changes can be found here:

  • New Export Job screen to simplify the process of exporting data using DExTr
  • Fixing inconsistencies while looking up a user by e-mail address
  • Displaying the customer journey under a user profile. Currently there is a graph on the web tab showing web activity. The change will be the addition of actual web URLs traversed by the user
  • The ability to have OR functionality between List wizard  filters.
  • The ability to edit saved queries in List Wizard
  • Roll-back changes in the way products were counted in List Wizard in relation to packages. Currently if a product is part of a package, then a selection of any user who has that package will also show users who have the products contained in the package. This was leading to confusing counts among users who wanted a count of only users who subscribed to the specific product. After the change a query on subscribers to the product will only show users who are subscribers of the product, and a query on a package will only show users who are subscribed to that package–even if the product is part of the package.
  • Change of import engine to ignore non-printing characters in CSV files
  • Updates to import process to provide better reporting on the job list screen
  • A Newsletter Delivery Report for ONEmail customers. You can access it under Lists and Reports. For each campaign you select, it will show a list of recipients, date and time the campaign was sent, whether the message was opened and whether the message bounced.

Please e-mail if you have any questions.