ONEcount Best-of-Breed Audience Tech Stack

ONEcount’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) Tech Stack, Upland’s PostUp best-in-class Email Marketing Solution and Specialized Fulfillment Services (SFS) expert Fulfillment Services provide media companies with a single, unified solution built with state-of-the-art technology.

ONEcount Best-of-Breed Tech Stack

ONEcount Customer Data Platform (CDP) & Audience Activation Suite
All-in-one CDP with native marketing activation suite
Persistent customer ID tracking
Identity resolution and cross-device consolidation
Website behavioral tracking with 3-year appended history
Content recommendations engine
Native lead generation tools with automated reporting
Segmentation Engine with AI capabilities
Content metering
Smart Paywalls with Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) Suite
Comprehensive BI analytics with aggregated cross-channel dashboards
Inhouse onboarding, integration and API support
Integration with Google Ad Manager (GAM)
Integration with Zapier
Upland PostUp Best-in-Class Email Marketing Platform
Built for publishers and media
Fully integrated with ONEcount
Multi-product campaign management
Intuitive email editing tool
Turnkey Martech integrations
Ready-to-use email templates
Automated customer journeys
Real-time reporting dashboards - All engagement reporting flows directly into ONEcount
AI headline rendering
Full deliverability and render testing
Native SMS capabilities
Complete strategic and inbox placement support
Integrated with Upland Second Street for interactive promotions
Live CMS content population
Account specialist with deliverability and design experts
Specialized Fulfillment Services (SFS)
Providing “Specialized” Fulfillment services since 1978
Real-time, Sequel-based fulfillment platform—data is accessible, queryable and exportable via our proprietary Publisher Portal
Real-time credit card processing with auto-renewal capabilities via, PayPal, GooglePay and AmazonPay
U.S.-based customer service located in Kettering, OH
Account specialist with deliverability and design experts
Lettershop and presort for all your mailing needs
Dynamic reporting: Standard, AdHoc and Custom —all Excel formatted
SA70 Audit performed annually
Dedicated and experienced account management staff

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