The ONEcount Platform

ONEcount Platform

Consolidated Audience Database

Consolidate your first-party data so you can better understand your customers and deliver precise targeting both on- and off-site.


To see how this B2B agricultural publisher increased digital revenue by 30%, click here.

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Identity Resolution Tools

Create a unique identity graph for every member of your audience by combining data from all data silos into a single, unique profile. This provides better insight and more precise targeting for all of your audience marketing efforts.


This consumer publisher closed all identity loopholes and generated an additional $400K in new subscription revenue. Learn more.


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No-Code Data Exchange

No IT help needed to exchange data with other data sources thanks to our code-free data exchange tools. Just upload a sample file, and our user-friendly GUI organizes the fields to sync data with any third-party platform.


By connecting the dots across all systems, this event producer saw an 80% conversions rate using pop-up acquisition coupled with e-mail personalization. Read more.


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Integrated Data Visualization Tools

ONEcount BI is a powerful, data visualization toolkit that is integrated into our platform. this gives you and your team real-time access to all of the data in your Customer Data Platform, as well as the ability to create your own charts and visualizations to meet the needs of your unique requirements.


This marketing team uses ONEcount BI analytcs to inform identity and behavior-based segments for precision targeting. Read more.


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Automated Reporting Tools

Curate your own reports and customer data fees using our powerful ONEcount BI reporting tools. Reports can be scheduled and sent through e-mail or via File Transfer to your advertisers and internal stakeholders.


Automated reporting saves $10 million client. Read more.


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Integrated With Google Ad Manager

ONEcount seamlessly integrates with Google Ad Manager so that you can deliver detailed, cross-channel reporting to your advertisers and senior management, right down to who saw or clicked on an ad. Our sophisticated platform can even provide automated reporting on banner ads in newsletter campaigns, something no other platform can do.


Fabric of Identity makes this medical publisher millions, sells to WebMD. Read more.


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Integrated With All Top ESPs

ONEcount leads the industry with two-way integration with eight top Email Service Providers. This allows you to target your audience based on whether a user has opened or clicked on an e-mail campaign. You can also provide advertisers with detailed open and click reporting on the campaigns they sponsored.


This client stitched identity across all business units to increase the number of knowns/identifieds thru Eloqua integration. Read more.


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Compatible with Any CMS or Framework

All it takes is a couple of lines of Javascript to integrate ONEcount into any web site or web framework. You can also load it through leading tag management platforms if that works better for your environment.


This publisher inherited a proprietary CMS. Within minutes, behavior and content consumption analytics informed their paywall strategy. Read more.


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Content Gating

Control how much content and how often unknown users or non-paid subscribers can access content like web pages, whitepapers and other resources.


This political publisher adjusted content metering rules based on consumption insights and increased revenue by 30% in 30 days. Read more.


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Paywalls & Subscription Management

Increase audience revenue, memberships and leads by securing access to your valuable content.


This global news publisher used ONEcount’s Smart Paywalls to build out timely offers and specials in minutes which brought in new subscribers. Read more.


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Audience Segmentation

There is no need for complicated integrations with other systems. Segment your audience by behavior, identity, or any other metric using ONEcount’s built-in tools.


This International association gets 58% completion rates with Incomplete Profile segment. Read more.


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Precision Targeting

Target each user with a pop-up, landing page, targeted e-mail, or even a banner campaign on your site or on social media sites, all within the ONEcount platform. There is no need to transfer data from platform to platform with ONEcount.


This mult-title medical publisher increased CPMs from $175 to $475 using identity-driven targeting. Read more.


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Form & Landing Page Builder

You can build pop-ups, gating forms, landing page offers, all with a simple tool that is easy for non-technical marketers to use. Manage every asset and offer using the intuitive built-in drag and drop form and landing page builder.


Leads jump in the double digital for this B2B publisher by pre-populating forms making for a seamless user experience. Read more.


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Integrated Pop-Up Builder

ONEcount can deliver a range of built-in tactics, including e-mails, pop-ups and banners from within the platform, all without having to move data around or deploy expensive APIs.


Pop-up strategy for this regional event producer outperforms e-mail campaigns for ticket sales. Read more.


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AI-Driven Segmentation

In addition to customer-defined segments, ONEcount uses AI technology to identify audience segments for targeting and analysis.


Custom segments defined by AI gives this publisher highly targeted audiences across all their media properties. Read more.


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AI-Driven Content Recomendations

ONEcount has an AI-driven content recommendation widget that uses all of the intelligence his develops about each audience member to recommend content for higher recirculation rates and more page views on your site.


Subscriptions & Renewals

Combine existing subscription data with online and off-line behavior to boost revenue and increase renewals. Target subscribers whose subscription is about to laps, or entice past subscribers into renewing by targeting their unique interests.

Member Retention

Member organizations can boost memberships and renewals by targeting beyond that reach of a traditional member management system. Target with on-site pop-ups, banners, and specialized content.

Registration Nurturing

ONEcount boosts event registrations by targeting your audience based on their past behavior with your brands. You can target users based on past attendance or the content they are reading on your site. You can even upsell existing registrants and target potential sponsors with a specific message by combining on- and offline behaviors.