Eliminate Form Abandonment

ONEcount continuously identifies your website visitors against opt-in audience segments. You can target specific users who your advertisers are trying to reach with offers via pop-ups, e-mails and banner campaigns.

If a user has been identified and their profile is in ONEcount, a click on the lead generation asset—whether it is a whitepaper, podcast or webinar—immediately takes them to the requested asset. No form required. ONEcount’s pre-population technology has eliminated form abandonment and lead data is automatically saved for the benefit of the advertiser.

The Advantage

Because ONEcount allows you to target users who are likely to be interested in the lead generation asset, it eases the identification steps for the user. ONEcount eliminates the friction often associated with lead gen campaigns, resulting in an average of 32% lift in leads.

The Success

One publisher was able to increase lead generation by 40% by using pre-populated forms.

Consolidated audience data reduced user friction when required to register for an event or submit profile information. This significantly reduced the rate of form abandonment and built brand loyalty.


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