The Advantage

Most people think you have to gate content in order to find out who your web site visitors are. Not true, if you are using ONEcount.

Solutions & Tactics Applied

With ONEcount, once a user is identified they remain identified across all of that publisher's properties, whether the content is actually gated or not. If the user deletes their cookies or gets a new device, no problem. ONEcount will continue to track the person as an anonymous individual until it is able to identify them again. Once the user is re-identified all of that "anonymous" behavior is tied back to that user's identity.

This gives publishers the ability to use cross-tactic traffic drivers like e-mail, interstitials and banners to drive traffic to any web property, gated or not.

End Result

One publisher using ONEcount achieved a 99-percent identified audience on a non-gated microsite.

Within ONEcount's List Wizard the publisher was able to curate the exact audience segment by demographics, key KPI's, content consumption and past behaviors. Then, they created targeted campaigns with relevant messages to their identified audience.

Imagine that! Nearly every visitor to the microsite was identified by the platform prior to accessing the site.


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