Audience Identification

Know your audience: identity drives business results.

Easily connect every component of your web environment to the ONEcount framework: ONEcount widgets and forms, cookie sync, APIs or other webhooks.


Leverage first-party audience data to provide precise targeting to individuals and look-a-like segments across media properties.

Drive revenue by making all your data accessible to deliver relevant content to specific audience segments.


ONEcount delivers an easy-to-manage ecosystem while streamlining the tech stack.

Use audience data to accurately target campaigns to audiences across first- and third-party ad exchanges or networks.

Benefit: ONEcount's comprehensive identification framework will ensure monetization of your audience in the shortest amount of time with predictive targeting based on identity, including a 3-year long-tail history.

Publishers have experienced an average conversion rate of 40-70% unknown visitors to identified users within a 6-month period.

Dashboard Reporting

Aggregate insights across all channels.

ONEcount's identity-based reporting provides detailed information on every user interaction with your brands, at the individual, demographic and segment level.

ONEcount consolidates all of your engagement data into a single, unified reporting interface. Simplify and enhance the analysis of your audience.

Impress your advertisers, deliver what they want and need: ONEcount is the only solution that provides dedicated, secure portals for your advertisers to run reports and accesses their data on their campaignsin real-time.


User-level dashboards provide cross-channel engagement reporting in a single interface.

  • Create dashboards for each advertiser and include all tactics and assets to show real-time campaign success.
  • Control which assets, websites, digital resources and data fields are accessible through dashboards, allowing you to keep sensitive data confidential.
  • Create sales- and marketing-specific campaign dashboards to generate and test strategies.
  • Run historical reports using the List Wizard to determine segment size for campaigns. Reach specific demographics or behavior segments by using the List Wizard to determine audience matches the criteria and target with pre-defined actions.

Benefit: ONEcount gives your internal teams and advertisers custom profile and engagement reporting on how web visitors interact with your brands, banners and messaging across all channels–all in one place.

Advanced Targeting

Automatically create behavior rich segments to improve campaign precision.

Identity-and behavior-driven targeting provides superior insights to activate visitors based on first- and third-party data.

Knowing who is seeing an ad is as important as preparing the message and quantifying the results. Precisely target paid ads and house ads based on subscription status, event, webinar, purchase history.

ONEcount’s Persona & Segmentation Engine can target visitors based on a combination of user’s web behavior, identity, or IP address.

Serve relevant experiences to all users, and target individuals who are subscribers or members to boost renewals and retention.

Targeting identified audiences with relevant messaging increases click-through rates (CTR) providing maximum value to your advertisers.
This is a great way to achieve higher CPM yields and reduce click fraud.

  • Use identity-based segments for relevant content targeting. Deploy premium campaigns at users who have already engaged, expressed interest and are identified.
  • Deploy interstitials, pop-ups, banner ads and e-mail campaigns targeted for driving subscriptions sales, webinar sign-ups, event participation, whitepapers, downloads, and more.
  • Deploy dual-targeted campaigns, focusing on identified users and visitors who share a set of demographic AND behavioral traits.
  • Build segments from past behavior patterns; target e-mail and banner campaigns to users who have opened an e-mail and frequently visited a website in the last 30 days.
  • Offer audience extension campaigns leveraging your identified, first-party audience off-site.

Benefit: A ONEcount client turned a $125 CPM into a $425 CPM by targeting identified individuals, a 240% CPM increase.

Another client achieved 50% lift in open rates by targeting engaged segmented audiences.

Customer Journey Tracking

Learn about individual segment journeys. Identify gaps to conversion.

Develop behavior profiles to gain insight how users navigate your content, and advertiser’s content.

Gain insights on the user experience of either individual users or audience segments.

ONEcount's tracking technology can be embedded on websites, ad units, e-newsletter templates-any touchpoint of your operating channels that end users engage with.

Embed the platform's tracker on any advertisers or customer websites for a full understanding of audience activity across an entire brand's ecosystem.

Customer Journey Visualization Sankey

  • Single sign-on/social log-in used in conjunction with the journey visualization enables seamless tracking of user behavior across single or multiple web properties.
  • Use the platform’s SmartLink technology to identify users who enter through e-mail. Query journeys beginning at the homepage, landing page, ad unit or e-mail click-thru.
  • A Unique Token is appended to URL's marketing assets (ad units, e-mails) to provide separate journey reporting on marketing efforts, campaigns, segments, individual and more.
  • Discover the behavior of users to optimize gating and paywall strategies. Know how much content users consume, and how they do it.

Benefit: Immediately build actionable behavioral and customer profiles to use in sales and marketing efforts.

Effectively target user segments based on profiles to serve relevant content and offers through e-mail, interstitials, and banner ads.

Activate your audiece today


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