Often a specialty brand will complain that their audience is too small that they don't have sufficient "critical mass" to justify targeting.

The idea of targeting a campaign at a subset of a small audience to get a higher response rate seems counter-intuitive, but it works.

Optimize Segmentation

Segments typically target users based on a single interaction. This limited targeting has mimimal value because it does not factor all customer attributes like behavior, purchase history, web-browsing engagement, offline data, etc.

When you have unified, aggregated customer data at your fingertips, you can target personalized multi-channel messaging to those audiences more relevantly with cross-tactic campaigns.

ONEcount allows brands to reach customers and qualified prospects more effectively. Specific targeting results in an increase in response rate.

Success Story

Similar to how advertisers shift ad spend around from channels that don’t work to channels that do, this DTC brand created new campaigns using loyalty rewards data, past purchases and geographic demographics to target customers with relevant offers.

Client saw a 20% response increase to their marketing campaigns.

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