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ONEcount is the only audience activation platform enabling media companies to leverage, optimize and activate first-party audience data in one centralized system. Our comprehensive net of identity combined with behavioral tracking across every touchpoint ties all data streams into a single unified dashboard. This translates to optimal audience engagement and monetization. ONEcount includes built-in DMP capabilities as part of the platform.

Build Segments Based on Identity

Unlike platforms that anonymize your first-party audience data, our powerful platform lets you segment directly off of your audience data, ending your dependence on a 30-day cookie life-span, and providing a 3-year long-tail view of your audience activities.

  • Convert 40-70% of unknowns to knowns within the first six months
  • Built-in persona and segmentation engine
  • Create custom targeting actions based on behavior and/or identity

Intuitive Dashboards & Engagement Reporting

ONEcount is the only platform that allows your in-house teams and advertisers to securely log in and view aggregated campaign and lead gen data and even run their own reports.

  • Self-service unified real-time dashboards
  • Secure advertiser data feeds
  • Permission-based console controls views and data access

Leading Fulfillment & Email Service Providers Integrations

You've chosen your business partners carefully, and we're not going to make you change those relationships. ONEcount has the largest list of integrated fulfillment companies and ESPs of any identity-driven platform on the market.

  • Bi-directional data sync
  • Marry offline to online data
  • Mapping tools enable data exchange with any system

Complete UI Customization

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Everything that touches your audience should reflect your brand. This enable full customization of the look and feel of every audience touch-point, giving your design and web teams complete control over the entire user experience.

  • Flexible REST-based APIs tightly integrate into websites and mobile applications
  • State-of-the-art data processing technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and Cassandra

Self-Learning Segments

Grow your audience segments organically as new users are identified or qualified. This unique ability to "fire and forget" allows your team to generate higher ROI on list match and targeting campaigns by automatically targeting users as they meet eligibility requirements for the segment.

  • List matching and direct on-boarding
  • Append third-party data
  • Grow knowns with cookie syncing

Single Sign-in, Social Log-on, Gating & Paymeters

Manage single sign-on, access tokens, store customer profiles and authentication history across your digital enterprise. Our gating and paywall tools free your web team from the complexity of web-based permissioning and third-party integrations. Every asset and offer can be managed using intuitive, web-based tools with no programming required.

  • Built-in Resource manager
  • Built-in Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Map social identities and logins to real people in your audience database
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