ONEcount Introduces New Business Intelligence Tools

CORAL SPRINGS, FL — ONEcount has integrated powerful Business Intelligence (BI) tools into its Audience Tech Stack.

The new product, called ONEcount BI, gives customers direct access to all of the data ONEcount collects from different platforms and data silos. Customers can analyze data from web, banner, newsletter, fulfillment, POS and other systems using 65 pre-built visualizations, or build their own visualizations with direct access to underlying data.

ONEcount BI provides instant visibility into your data, while eliminating costly integrations with third-party tools and outside databases.

“We have seen publishers move more and more toward data consolidation,” said Sean Fulton, Vice President of Technology for ONEcount. “The stumbling block has been getting visibility into that consolidated data. Companies spent fortunes building complex, highly-integrated workflows between their different data silos and third-party BI tools. It’s costly, time-consuming, and a distraction from their core business as publishers.

“With ONEcount BI, we’ve made that process turn-key,” he added.

With the new tools, ONEcount customers can:

ONEcount BI
  • Fully visualize all customer engagement through a single dashboard
  • Set up custom dashboards for internal stakeholders or customers
  • Develop custom visualizations by accessing the underlying data schema in ONEcount
  • Deploy automated reporting for charts and dashboards either internally or to external advertisers and stakeholders
  • Deploy custom, advertiser-specific click-through reports for e-mail deployments with no customization required on the email platform
  • Manually adjust or change reports and charts and deploy them manually if desired

The ONEcount Audience Tech Stack includes everything media companies need to consolidate, visualize and action on their data in a single platform. It now includes:

  • DExTR data transformation tools for code-free data exchange with all of your data providers and systems
  • Automated data import/export 24×7 for seamless data integration
  • Powerful ListMatch tools to target your advertisers’ most valuable prospects
  • Automated segmentation tools to dynamically classify different audience segments based on behavior and/or identity
  • The ability to target user segments dynamically, within the platform, with pop-ups, banners, e-mail campaigns
  • Intuitive landing page and form building tools that non-technical users can deploy for content gating and lead generation programs
  • Integrated paywall solutions that tie perfectly with your existing fulfillment vendor
  • Seamless integration with eight leading e-mail platforms
  • Enterprise-grade Business Intelligence tools for un-paralleled data discovery and reporting

No system can do what ONEcount can do. For more information or to schedule a test drive, please email

About ONEcount
ONEcount is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) with an integrated Audience Tech Stack (MTS). The platform includes DExTr, a dynamic mapping engine for marrying and unifying disparate data silos, identity resolution, access management, Smart Paywalls, DMP capabilities for identity-and behavior-based targeting, ONEmail, a solution to provide accountability and targeting for newsletter-driven banners, cross-channel analytics, ONEcount BI’s data visualizations, lead generation and full campaign-level reporting and dashboards.