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Introducing The First Integrated Best-of-Breed Audience Activation Stack

Three legendary audience technology providers have announced an integrated audience tool suite that provides media brands with best-of-breed technology with a “single vendor” feel.

ONEcount’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) Tech Stack, Upland’s PostUp best-in-class Email Marketing Solution and Specialized Fulfillment Services (SFS) expert Fulfillment Services are now working together to provide media companies with a single, unified solution built with state-of-the-art technology.

“Until now, customers were faced with a choice of having mediocre tools that were cobbled together by a single vendor, or having to navigate complex integrations between best-of-breed technology vendors to build a custom audience stack,” said Sean Fulton, Vice President of ONEcount.

With this unique partnership, the three vendors have committed to work together to provide a truly integrated customer experience using the best technologies on the market. Connections between the platforms have already been established, eliminating the need for customers to figure out how to connect the different platforms.

“Because we understand how the pieces seamlessly fit together behind the scenes, we’re often able to solve problems more quickly and with less complexity than if the customer tried to manage it on their own,” Fulton added.

Customer will have a better experience than working with a single vendor. Instead of queries being relegated to Jira tickets, customers now have three project managers, any one of whom can act as the single point of contact to resolve any issue.

PostUP and ONEcount have been working together on mutual clients for about seven years; SFS has been working with Upland for many years and with ONEcount since last Fall. Combined, the companies have 90 years of combined industry experience.

“Landing an email in the inbox is becoming more difficult, and that’s both a challenge and an opportunity. Data is at the heart of driving attributable email success, and we have deliverability and strategy experts focused on exactly that. PostUp is a feature rich, AI-enhanced, Email platform, which, when combined with our experts, is a powerful solution helping media organizations of all sizes achieve the measurable results they want,” said Nick Certa, VP Sales Audience Engagement of Upland.

“In a very tough publishing landscape where technology and partnership can make the difference between profitability and failure. We’re thrilled to offer our customers and prospects a top-notch, seamless solution that addresses the typical challenges associated with adopting new technologies and platforms,” said Joe Lunne, President of Specialized Fulfillment Services.

With the Best-of-Breed offering, customers get:

ONEcount: Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Data Services + CDP

  • Consolidated, 360-degree customer view in unified data warehouse
  • ID Graph, federated ID across all partners and systems

Identity Access Management

  • Global registration, Single Sign-On (SSO)/Social log-in, profile center
  • Behavior tracking‚ convert unknown web visitors to identified users with appended web-browser history
  • Smart Paywalls, content metering, Resource Manager for gating assets, lead gen, and full reporting

Activation Toolsuite

  • Segmentation, Targeting Engine & Action Manager: Form, Landing page, Pop-up builder with A/B testing
  • Built-in AI capabilities

Reporting & Analytics

  • ONEcount BI: Aggregated metrics across all web, email, banners, social, events, etc. Full Google Ad Manager (GAM) integration

Upland PostUp: First-class Email Marketing Platform

  • Built for publishers and media
  • Fully integrated with ONEcount
  • Multi-product campaign management
  • Intuitive email editing tool
  • Turnkey Martech integrations
  • Ready-to-use email templates
  • Automated customer journeys
  • Real-time reporting dashboards
  • AI intelligence to drive engagement
  • Full deliverability and render testing
  • Native SMS capabilities
  • Complete strategic and inbox placement support
  • Live CMS content population
  • Integrated with Upland Second Street for interactive promotions
  • Account specialist with deliverability and design experts

SFS Fulfillment Services (SFS)

  • Providing “Specialized” Fulfillment services since 1978
  • Real-time, Sequel-based fulfillment platform—data is accessible, queryable and exportable via our proprietary Publisher Portal
  • Real-time credit card processing with auto-renewal capabilities via, PayPal, GooglePay and AmazonPay
  • U.S.-based customer service located in Kettering, OH
  • On-demand printing (1, 2 and 4-color), full-service
  • Lettershop and presort for all your mailing needs
  • Dynamic reporting: Standard, AdHoc and Custom —all Excel formatted
  • SA70 Audit performed annually
  • Dedicated and experienced account management staff

For more information on this integrated offering, e-mail or contact
Joanne Persico, President at 203.665.6211 x204 or e-mail

About ONEcount
ONEcount is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) with an integrated Audience Tech Stack purpose-
built for media companies and associations. The platform includes DExTr, a dynamic mapping engine for marrying and unifying disparate data silos, identity resolution, access management, Smart Paywalls, DMP capabilities for identity-and behavior-based targeting, ONEcount BI’s data visualizations, lead generation and full campaign-level reporting and dashboards. To learn more,

About Upland PostUp
PostUp is a leading provider of email and audience development technology and services to the publishing and media industries. With a proven services team, award-winning platform, and hand-picked partners, PostUp delivers personalized communications that drive engagement and increase revenues. To learn more, visit

About Strategic Fulfillment Services (SFS)
Established in 1974, Specialized Fulfillment Services (SFS) has steadily grown to become a leader in providing specialty publishers and associations dependable, flexible innovative fulfillment services and solutions. SFS fulfills for over 90 titles and have established turnkey partnerships to help publishers meet their ever-changing market demands. To learn more, visit