Future-Proof Your Media Operations: 3 Essential Strategies Every Publisher Should Implement

Closing in on the events of BIMS 2024 & Admonsters Publishers Forum, it’s evident that several key themes have captured the attention of seasoned CEOs and industry executives.

Here are the top three themes that made the list.

Embrace AI & M/L capabilities
Publishers must collaborate with their vendor partners for the latest industry developments such as AI and Machine Learning (M/L). Implementing cutting-edge technologies empowers editorial, marketing, and sales teams the ability to enhance performance, improve efficiency and achieve better outcomes.

Here at ONEcount, AI is utilized to forecast trends and create segment clusters based on demographics, content consumption patterns enabling marketers to personalize user experiences effectively. Our partner, Upland PostUp leverages AI for email campaign deliverability and headline rendering.

PRO TIP: Fostering conversations with your trusted partners is crucial for identifying and leveraging best-in-class solutions tailored for your organization’s specific needs.

Prioritize your first-party data strategy
In today’s landscape, the collection of valuable audience information and ensuring product opt-ins are paramount for your media operations. Data is your gold, now mine it. Leveraging first-party data enables you to maximize the value of your direct sold inventory and contextual placement opportunities. By understanding your audience’s preferences and interests, you can optimize ad placements for relevance and effectiveness, driving higher engagement and ROI for advertisers.

As third-party cookies phase out and privacy regulations evolve, reducing reliance on programmatic buys becomes increasingly important. By leveraging first-party data for targeting and personalization, you can mitigate the impact of these changes and maintain the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

PRO TIP: Collaborating across all teams and key stakeholders is essential for designing use cases and ensuring comprehensive buy-in for successful CDP implementation. 

Safeguard your future
As the industry moves towards a cookieless environment, the importance of identity graphing will fuel custom targetable audiences across your branded sites and the advertising ecosystem.

ONEcount’s Identity tool suite constructs ID graph for each user, facilitating greater precision for personalized content, advertising, and user experiences across the entire enterprise. ONEcount leverages first-party cookies for audience identifications, ensuring continued effectiveness and compliance. Don’t worry. First-party cookies won’t go away because they’re considered strictly necessary for website’s performance and always active.

Measure, measure, measure! Robust cross-channel measurement and aggregated reporting, facilitated by ONEcount BI, drive product development, optimize campaign performance and unlock new sales opportunities. This allows teams to curate their own dashboards using over 100+ pre-built visualizations.

Provide VIP customer-facing experiences for advertisers and sponsors on the frequency of their choosing. Heck, they pay the bills. Enhance data transparency with timely campaign metrics—proving your value prop. Watch your client retention rate go up!

PRO TIP: Equipping your team with user-friendly tools like ONEcount streamlines processes, enhances productivity. empowers informed decisions.

In conclusion, prioritizing and implementing a first-party data strategy is essential for media operations in today’s landscape. By leveraging tools like ONEcount’s CDP and integrating with platforms like Google Ad Manager, you can capitalize on audience insights, drive personalized experiences, and maximize the value of your advertising inventory.

Still figuring out all your use cases? We can help! Contact Joanne Persico at 203-665-6211, ext. 204 or email joanne@one.count.com.