Customers Love ONEcount’s Form and Landing Page Builder

“Finally, a tool my team can actually use without having to pay for support or custom development,” said the publisher of a leading B2B magazine brand.

ONEcount’s intuitive Form and Landing Page Builder is winning praise from customers for its user-friendly interface. It empowers marketers, web developers, and circulation managers to quickly create data-gathering forms and call-to-action pop-ups in minutes. All equipped with A/B testing capabilities.

Easily generate newsletter sign-up forms that automatically push subscriptions to your newsletter vendor. Forms can be pre-populated with user data, and options can be pre-selected for one-click subscriptions.

Need to add custom JavaScript and CSS coding to your forms? You can, but it’s not necessary.

Build Forms with our intuitive Form & landing Page Builder

With ONEcount’s Form and Landing Page Builder, customers can deploy:

Magazine Subscription Pages: Pre-populated with user demographic and subscription information, allowing easy renewals or re-qualifications with a single click. Transactions are automatically fed to the publisher’s fulfillment system for valid, auditable orders.

Conference Registration: Create vibrant pop-ups, targeted custom offers driving traffic to registration pages, based on users’ content consumption and past attendance history. All driven by our powerful customer data platform (CDP).

Newsletter Sign-Ups: Deploy sign-up pages as landing pages and pop-ups, tailored to user content consumption on your web sites. Opt-in/Opt-out transactions are automatically sent to your chosen ESP for immediate compliance with user preferences.

Digital Edition Click-Through: Track downloads with pop-ups alerting readers to new digital editions. Target registered users, magazine subscribers, or any site visitors.

Newsletter Preference Pages: Create intuitive preference pages for all newsletters or specific brands/divisions, designed in minutes.

Complex Print/Newsletter Sign-Ups: Build subscription pages with multiple offers from different systems, including print, e-newsletters, conferences, webinars, etc. Data is automatically sent to the appropriate system with validation for proper sign-up.

Paid Product Subscriptions: ONEcount supports leading payment gateways so you can charge for subscription products, whether it’s pay-per-drink, payment based on a user’s geographic location, or frequency-based subscriptions, your team can develop complex forms to suit your specific needs.

As a leading SaaS provider, our goal is to streamline your daily functions and improve efficiency with ONEcount’s comprehensive tool suite. Designed specifically for publishing and media companies, our tools eliminate costly maintenance, development, and support fees, allowing your team to execute complex plans independently of IT teams and outside vendors.

Discover how our Form and Landing Page Builder can benefit your organization and get a free demo of the platform by clicking here, or contact Joanne Persico, President at 203.665.6211 x204.