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Stamats (SDM) Partners with ONEcount's Customer Data Platform

Norwalk—November 14, 2017—ONEcount and Stamats Data Management (SDM) are announcing a strategic partnership to provide Stamats’ brands access and our SDM fulfillment customers near real-time access to the ONEcount Customer Data Platform (CDP).

This allows Stamats to identify, track, and target web site visitors across a range of advertising tactics and media channels using the most up-to-date information in Stamats’ integrated unified audience database.

"Stamats looks forward to working with ONEcount to expand and enhance our audience engagement across our digital offerings and learn more about the content they are absorbing. Our vision with this partnership is to leverage and expand our current audience intelligence while identifying new opportunities and revenue growth," said Kim Leonard, VP of Information Services at Stamats.

Updates in ONEcount transfer into Stamats Data Management (SDM) system, allowing for a truly integrated user experience across all platforms. The bi-directional integration between the two systems gives our brand media customers and our external SDM audience clients a powerful toolkit that no single fulfillment vendor currently offers.

ONEcount's unique, identity-based CDP enables customers to:
  • Target advertising, content, and e-mails to specific users based on behavior and identity
  • Provide advertisers with detailed engagement data by tactic across all silos
  • Integrate third-party vendors and services using the powerful ONEcount API
  • Gate content and segment audiences using intuitive, web-based tools
  • Detect and mitigate Invalid/Non-Human web traffic

"Our goal in partnering with leading fulfillment companies like Stamats is to tightly integrate a publisher's most valuable asset—its audience—with our powerful, identity-based platform," said Sean Fulton, ONEcount's Vice President of Technology.

"Stamats is a leader in consolidating customer's data into a single, unified database, and this integration will allow them to leverage that data across a greater variety of platforms and generate more revenue from advertising, sponsorships and audience efforts," he added.

ONEcount is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) with unique features not found in any competing offering. While other CDPs push audience segments out to different systems, like Google Analytics, DFP or a social sign-on platform, ONEcount has closely integrated these outside services so that users have a cross-tactic view of their users through a single, intuitive dashboard.

What's more, ONEcount gives users the ability to deploy targeting strategies across a variety of tactics within the platform, without the need to import/export data using daily file transfers.

About ONEcount
ONEcount, the only CDP with built-in DMP capabilities, is the single integrated solution that connects digital audience data to advance customer growth and revenue opportunities. With multiple circulation fulfillment integrations and dynamic data mapping tools, ONEcount's seamless data exchange captures and promotes the close relationship between audience identity and behaviorial engagement.

Its real-time dashboards, secure advertisers data feeds, IVT mitigation tools, integration with leading ESPs, banner platforms, integrated social sign-on, and a host of other tools are designed to streamline the tech stack into a simple-to-manage ecosystem.

For information on ONEcount and our consulting services, contact Joanne Persico, President at 203.665.6211, x204 or

About Stamats
Stamats provides comprehensive marketing services to distinct vertical markets through digital and traditional media and live events; our common thread is the expertise to build lasting connections in various media. Stamats connects organizations and brands with their audiences through a proprietary data management platform. Across media and markets, we collect data and cultivate insights to tell compelling stories. As marketing experts and game changers, Stamats provides clients a compass for a dynamic future. Visit

For information on Stamats Data Management (SDM), contact Kim Leonard, VP of Information Services at 319.861.5011 or
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