Personalization with ONEcount

Unlocking Revenue Growth With Seamless Personalized Campaigns

In today’s dynamic landscape spanning web, mobile, and face-to-face interactions, consumers demand and expect personalized experiences as the standard for engagement.

Research conducted by McKinsey & Company underscores the transformative impact of personalization on business outcomes. Companies that harness the power of personalization witness a staggering 40 percent or more increase in revenue compared to their slower-growth counterparts.

Consumer sentiment further solidifies the significance of personalization. When consumers define personalization, they associate it with memorable moments of feeling valued and unique. Brands that invest in nurturing relationships, rather than merely facilitating transactions, garner positive responses and foster lasting loyalty.

However, crafting tailored offers presents its own set of challenges. It necessitates leveraging data intelligence and making deterministic decisions, irrespective of whether the individual is known or unknown. With ONEcount, every user activity is meticulously tracked and integrated into a centralized database, progressively enriching user profiles.

Our comprehensive marketing toolsuite empowers marketers to seamlessly execute a diverse range of personalized campaigns based on real-time user interactions. Whether on-site or off-site, our intuitive platform facilitates targeted engagements using a myriad of behavioral and identity-based criteria, such as opens, clicks, form abandons, purchase history, event attendance, subscription/membership status, and content consumption.

Illustrated through client case studies, our platform’s capabilities extend to triggering pop-up campaigns tailored to both known and unknown users, with objectives ranging from lead generation to newsletter opt-ins and premium pass upsells.

Moreover, measuring campaign effectiveness is simplified through ONEcount BI. Access to over 100+ pre-built data visualizations empower cross-functional teams to glean actionable insights and capitalize on emerging trends, from overarching trends down to individual campaign and user levels.

To learn more or see personalization in action in a tailored guided tour, contact Joanne Persico at or call: 203-665-6211, 204.