A Misconception

Many publishers with niche consumer interests or B2B audiences feel their content is too narrow to be able to segment and target their audiences.

The Problem

Smaller audiences fall victim to list fatigue from frequent over-spraying of banner ad and e-mail campaigns. Publishers want to maximize CPM, and to do so often involves serving the ad to the entire audience-even if it means targeting unqualified consumers.

A Solution

With ONEcount you can more effectively target the right readers or website visitors for every campaign by defining audience profiles using the platform's List Wizard and creating audience segments.

By targeting campaigns more effectively you can deliver better results without annoying readers. Best of all: a better user experience is delivered to readers.

ONEcount eliminates barriers to entry associated with gating or lead generation forms, making it easier for readers to respond to an advertiser's call to action. Deliver better results to advertisers with higher response rates.

Success Story

One publisher using ONEcount maximized their niche audience after deploying effective targeting tactics.

The publisher increased their click-thru rate on ad banners from 9% to 22% by using the platform to serve relevant ads to identified readers.

More use cases

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