The Situation

Publishers struggle in the digital advertising landscape, often complaining that they are competing for advertising revenue with Google, Facebook and other big ad networks.

Most ad networks have large audiences, but they are opaque systems that don't have a strong ability to show results.

Using ad exchanges programmatic buyers at advertisers buy a small amount of impressions, then to grow the segment with look-a-like audiences by using data from third-party sources. This allows programmatic buyers to create audience segments that otherwise would’ve cost nearly 4x CPM if sold by publishers.

Click here to read ONEcount's Smart Brief on Data Leakage.


Competitive Advantage

Publishers using ONEcount, on the other hand, have two competitive advantages:

A strong, interested audience base.

A valued relationship with the reader.

Publishers are destinations for readers to get information and inspiration. Reader interests and behavior define their affinity classifications, creating context. Social networks and search engines are gateways to other things.

The context of readers gives publishers an edge to compete in the advertising sales realm. Adding ONEcount to your portfolio adds feature offerings advertisers increasingly seek.client-quote

More use cases

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