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Ultra-Reliable Network Topology

ONEcount's customer data platform operates full-time from two, geographically-diverse and fully-redundant data centers. This means that you are guaranteed access to our platform 24x7x365, no matter what.

Our proprietary, dedicated platform operates from data centers near Chicago and Boston. Traffic is geographically routed to the data center that is closest to the user, which ensures the fastest, most reliable service offering on the market today.

The ONEcount platform starts with two pairs of redundant load balancers, one redundant pair in each data center. If an entire data center goes off line, all traffic is automatically routed to the remaining data center, ensuring 100-percent uptime for your services regardless of environmental or network conditions in any single region of the country. In addition, each data center performs nightly off-site backups to a third-location, providing the industries best security for your important data.

This setup not only provides full redundancy for your data, it provides a high-level of fault-tolerance for our ONEcount services.

Data Center Profiles

Boston, Ma

Boston Data CenterThis 65,000-square-foot facility is located in Somerville, Ma., just a few blocks outside of Boston. Built in 1970, the two-story structure features redundant underground power feeds direct to diverse N-Star power substations. Fully-redundant Liebert UPS systems provide up to 20-minute run-time at full-load on both A and B power feeds, and this is backed by 6 Caterpillar diesel generators that are configured for N+1 redundancy. The building has N+1 redundant cooling systems, a 32-camera CCTV system with 24-hour security on-site. Access to all doors is through key-card and fingerprint identification. Network access is provided via a redundant fiber mesh that blends bandwidth from at least six multi-gigabit connections to top-tier providers, including XO, Level3, Sprint, Verizon, A&T, Savvis and more.

Elk Grove, Il

Elk Grove Data CenterOur newest location is in a 485,000-square-foot data center facility in the Chicago suburb of Elk Grove, Il. This Tier III rated facility offers 34.5kV of electricity served from three independent feeds through separate power substations, solid-state static transfer switches, battery-free rotary UPS systems, and 33 dedicated 2.25 MW diesel generators backed by 200,000 gallons of diesel stored in underground tanks on site. The facility features more than 200, 40-ton air conditioners offering N+2 cooling redundancy for all computer operations. The building has 24-hour security on-site, CCT V cameras, and access to all doors is through key-card and fingerprint identification. Network access is provided via four diversely-routed underground fiber links connected directly to the massive, Nlayer Networks 10G global IP network, as well as to the region's two major Chicago peering exchanges: 350 E. Cermack and 111 Canal.

For more information, contact Sean Fulton, VP of Technology at 203.665.6211, x203.
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