Capture Data & Drive Revenue

Increase user registrations and sell access to premium content.

Audience Identification & Acquisition

Move users through conversion funnels faster by controlling access to valuable content. Require users to create an account, subscribe to a newsletter or pay to access content. Deploy automated modals/pop-ups to active users, acquire new audiences with integrated form collection and much more.

Optimize Gating Strategy

Effectively determine how much content and how often unknown users or non-paid subscribers can access content like webpages, whitepapers and other resources. Set limits to how much content can be consumed per user on any given frequency. Easily analyze web analytics, like average page views, by comparing metrics by unknown visitors to known users.


Close Loopholes

Identify users across all devices and channels. Prevent attempts to bypass content gates by changing browsers and devices. Deliver relevant experiences to audience segments at home, at work or using a mobile device.


Manage business rules, subscribers, and access privileges seamlessly across multiple platforms

No hard coding in CMS. Build packages and product terms in minutes.

• SUPPORTS freemium or paid access—down to the page, section or single article level.

• CONTROL frequency and duration of premium content consumed—across all devices.

• REDUCES friction by pre-populating forms, progressive look ups, auto logins for seamless user experience.

• INTEGRATES with leading payment processors.

Use Case: PaywallsSimplified Paywall Software
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