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Marketing Science

Companies deploying the ONEcount platform can use its Big Data technologies to generate new revenue from advertising and audience marketing. Whether you're trying to maximize the life-time value of a subscriber or trying to find the most profitable segment for your advertisers, ONEcount enables companies to maximize the value of their audiences through the field of Marketing Science.

Pamela Dunaway, a pioneer in the field of Marketing Science, is partnering with ONEcount to specifically help companies understand the data and develop marketing and revenue strategies that maximize the value of each individual subscriber.

Working with ONEcount, Dunaway and her team will focus on implementation planning, opportunity analysis, training and management guidance. The focus on the audience engagement uses the unique strengths of the brand to maximize the revenue from each customer experience that the platform provides.
Pamela Dunaway

"Behavioral targeting based on customer interactions is a win for consumer marketing, advertising sales and the customer/prospect by improving ROI while simultaneously improving customer experience with your brand,” said Dunaway. "The shotgun approach of the past is a relic, and customers expect a better, more targeted experience. Customers respond and are loyal to brands they feel hear and address their specific needs and desires."

Dunaway was previously Chief Marketing Officer at the Weider History Group of consumer publications, where she was responsible for 85 percent of corporate revenue generation. She improved subscription profitability by 102 percent by using a behavioral scoring algorithm to target prospects with the right message and offer at the right time.

About Pamela Dunaway
Dunaway has worked for leading B2B and B2C brands in the publishing industry including Advertising Age, Electronic Media, Creativity, Crain's Cleveland Business, Tire Business, SPIN, and Live! (Ticketmaster). She also has advised several start-ups in the technology sector, including the successful launch of a streaming video-on-demand service brand line extension for a legacy magazine publisher. She also was most recently VP Consumer Insights for SocialFlow, the largest repository of social media behavior.

Pamela received her MBA from Cornell University (Johnson School of Management) and two separate Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Advertising from Michigan State University. She is currently studying the programming language R at John’s Hopkins University. Pamela spent 4 years as Lead Experimenter on The Jury Project, a study of the media's impact on juror decision-making behavior funded by the National Science Foundation.
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