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Digital Business & Product Strategy

Companies deploying the ONEcount platform can maximize the value of audiences and create high revenue producing levels of engagement by using Big Data technologies. The ability to gain audience insight firsthand into how products, content and services are performing through consistent collection and analysis of data are key drivers.

Kevin Novak, CEO and Chief Digital Strategy Consultant at 2040 Digital is partnering with ONEcount to lead media companies and associations to the next level with customized business, content and revenue strategies that maximize data insights.

Working with ONEcount, Novak and his team will focus on strategic planning, business analysis, content and marketing guidance. His expertise allows him to evaluate a publisher's existing tech stack and implement strategies that connect diverse silos across a publishing enterprise to ONEcount's highly-integrated platform.
Kevin Novak/2040 Digital

"Content is still king but the definition of content is evolving to include data," said Novak. "Digital and data are not only impacting your operations and positioning, they are also fundamentally altering consumer behaviors and decision making regardless of your focus (B2B, B2C or B2P). In that regard, transitioning from a media to a data and technology company is a significant shift that must accommodate a change in business model, changes in operational processes and most often changes in company culture and expertise of staff."

About 2040 Digital
2040 Digital Founder and CEO Kevin Novak has spent nearly two decades helping organizations find their place in the digital world.

Novak leads the CMO and CEO focused Marketing and Data Science Executive Council of Collaborative Gain, a community of smart, passionate leaders who help each other build better, more customer (and employee) centric companies. Members include companies like Apple, Airbnb, Nike, Google, USAA, TripAdvisor, Walmart, Wells Fargo, and more.

Previously, as Vice President Digital Strategy and New Business Development at the American Institute of Architects, Kevin was responsible for developing an integrated, forward-looking digital strategy, launching revenue-producing virtual/hybrid educational events and delivering digital-based subscription products resulting in revenue of over 20 million.

Novak served as chief digital officer and director education outreach at the Library of Congress. He built a centralized digital division to bring the Library’s many disparate websites into a cohesive experience and serve more than 22 million digitized items from its collections. He built the Library’s partnerships with Google, Flickr, Microsoft, Stanford University, and One Laptop Per Child.

He serves on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors for the Business Information Association (BIA-Connectiv), the Software Information Industry Association (SIIA) and the Specialty Information Publishers Association (SIPA), and has chaired working groups for the W3C Electronic Government work group, the U.S. National Research Council/National Academies, and the MOBI Foundation.
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