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ONEcount Dashboards

ONEcount, purpose-built for media companies, is the only audience activation platform that includes DMP capabilities.

Cross-platform analytics and custom reporting

Web reporting showing known and anonymous visitors and aggregated by time period

Self-service dashboard

ONEcount's self-service dashboard provides full lead generation capabilities across all web properties with self-service login and reporting by advertisers.

Targeting Engine for automated response to prospect behavior and knowns

Segmentation for Automated Action

Customer Journey & Engagement Reporting

Unified detail view of a user profile

Visual Sankey traffic flow diagrams

Landing Page and Form Management

Brand compliant web forms and landing pages

ONEcount's Form Builder has a drag and drop interface that allows you to simply define a layout then drag and drop questions into the form.  Once questions are on the form, you can set auto populate and validation options on a question-by-question basis.  All forms appear in your site's look and feel, and there is a "brand builder" that allows you to specify headers and footers for forms and email acknowledgements on a brand-by-brand basis.

Drag-and-drop Form Builder interface

Data Management

De-duplication on import and forms

ONEcount will de-dupe records on import and account creation (from forms or back-end entry).

List Segmentation

ONEcount's powerful List Wizard allows you to perform advanced list segmentation based on any combination of demographic and behaviorial attributes. Sophisticated queries including both AND/OR logic can be run and saved.  Further there is a web-based segment builder that allows you to segment users for an automated action (banner target, pop-up, redirect, email, content reload, etc.). 

Additional Features Unique to ONEcount

Single sign-on across all sites and silos, with integrated social login

Full BPA/AAM/VAC audit trail for all user requests/updates

Integrated reporting across all silos with export to CSV

Source code tracking across all transactions/updates

Archive telemarketing records (mp3/wav files) and scanned sub cards

ONEcount allows you to archive telemarketing records (mp3/wav files) and scanned sub cards online for audit bureau review.

The ability to gate content areas of your site(s)

ONEcount allows you to easily gate content areas of your site and track content categories and meta keywords from CMS in ONEcount data.

The ability to easily and quickly bulk migrate users onto newsletter mailing lists

The ability to easily view and target behavior for both known and unknown visitors across all web site properties, not just email system landing pages.  In a sense, every page on all of your sites becomes a landing page.

Independent database that connects to all of your data sources, freeing you from dependence on PCD or any fulfillment company.

ONEcount acts as the primary database of record connecting to all of your data sources, so if you switch fulfillment companies or any other vendor, your data and transaction history remains in tact.

The ability to maintain a full subscription transation history for every user, even if you change fulfillment companies.

All transactions ca be mirrored into ONEcount, giving you a full transaction history for every user even if you change vendors.

Support for WordPress and Drupal

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