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E-Mail Delivery & Analytics

E-mail continues to maintain dominance as a marketing channel. Robust tools are built into the e-mail engine for marketers to reach the right subscriber list or segment with relevant messaging and drive conversions.



Easily design a custom look and feel for e-blasts and newsletters. Add images, links format font styles on the fly.

Automated HTML Scrape

Automatically import CMS webpage content from existing or new templates hosted on any domain. Schedule on any frequency.

Responsive Templates

Responsive template manager to re-use existing or new templates. Import HTML code or create a new template using the WYSIWYG interface. Choose a design layout then simply add logos, copy, links and more.

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250ok Deliverability Partnership


Testing & Scheduling

Distribute test deployments to selected teams for QA. Schedule e-mail to deploy when you want.

Deliverability Powered by 250ok

Integrated with a leader in deliverability to test, monitor and maintain e-mail placement at full efficiency.


Multiple dedicated, clean IP addresses. Private, secure, redundant data centers. SPF/DKIM identification to ensure inbox reach.


Customer Segments

Make list management a breeze. Segments created using ONEcount Segment Manager are automatically pushed into ONEmail.

Relevant Targeting

Put an end to decreasing list sizes. Eliminate list fatigue by communicating with subscribers with relevant and personalized messaging.

Marketing Automation

Set up automated targeting to deploy an e-mail when a user meets certain behavioral- or demographic-based criteria during specific time periods.

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