ONEcount's team of industry professionals establish best practices and strategies to amplify the power of the platform.

Tailored data services for companies—enabling the capture of behavioral and demographic data in a consolidated platform with real-time insights and identity-driven activation capabilities.

Marketing Science

Companies deploying the ONEcount platform can use its Big Data technologies to generate new revenue from advertising and audience marketing. Whether you're trying to maximize the life-time value of a subscriber or trying to find the most profitable segment for your advertisers, ONEcount enables companies to maximize the value of their audiences through the field of Marketing Science.

Pamela Dunaway, a pioneer in the field of Marketing Science, is partnering with ONEcount to specifically help companies understand the data and develop marketing and revenue strategies that maximize the value of each individual subscriber.

Working with ONEcount, Dunaway and her team will focus on implementation planning, opportunity analysis, training and management guidance. The focus on the audience engagement uses the unique strengths of the brand to maximize the revenue from each customer experience that the platform provides.


"Behavioral targeting based on customer interactions is a win for consumer marketing, advertising sales and the customer/prospect by improving ROI while simultaneously improving customer experience with your brand,” said Dunaway. "The shotgun approach of the past is a relic, and customers expect a better, more targeted experience. Customers respond and are loyal to brands they feel hear and address their specific needs and desires."

Pamela Dunaway

About Pamela Dunaway

She was previously Chief Marketing Officer at the Weider History Group of consumer publications, where she was responsible for 85 percent of corporate revenue generation. She improved subscription profitability by 102 percent by using a behavioral scoring algorithm to target prospects with the right message and offer at the right time.

She has worked for leading B2B and B2C brands in the publishing industry including Advertising Age, Electronic Media, Creativity, Crain's Cleveland Business, Tire Business, SPIN, and Live! (Ticketmaster). She also has advised several start-ups in the technology sector, including the successful launch of a streaming video-on-demand service brand line extension for a legacy magazine publisher. She also was most recently VP Consumer Insights for SocialFlow, the largest repository of social media behavior.

Pamela received her MBA from Cornell University (Johnson School of Management) and two separate Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Advertising from Michigan State University. She is currently studying the programming language R at John’s Hopkins University. Pamela spent 4 years as Lead Experimenter on The Jury Project, a study of the media's impact on juror decision-making behavior funded by the National Science Foundation.

Digital Business, Marketing Operations & Product Strategy

Companies deploying the ONEcount platform can maximize the value of audiences and create high revenue producing levels of engagement by using Big Data technologies. The ability to gain audience insight firsthand into how products, content and services are performing through consistent collection and analysis of data are key drivers.

James Karklins, President of 7 Knots Digital and Kevin Novak, CEO and Chief Digital Strategy Consultant at 2040 Digital are partnering with ONEcount to lead media companies and associations to the next level with customized business, content and revenue strategies that maximize data insights.

Working with ONEcount, our strategic partners focus on strategic planning, business analysis, content and marketing guidance. their expertise allows both firms to evaluate a publisher's existing tech stack and implement strategies that connect diverse silos across a publishing enterprise to ONEcount's highly-integrated platform.

"For the past few years, we have been expanding our digital marketing tools and technology platforms to deliver best-in-class services to our clients,” said James Karklins, president & founder of 7 Knots Digital. “With our superior data enrichment and dashboarding capabilities, the addition of ONEcount’s intuitive customer data platform to our toolset adds new capabilities that make it easy for our clients to monetize audiences through campaign targeting, subscriber acquisition, and retention at an affordable cost."

About 7 Knots Digital

Launched in 2019, 7 Knots Digital is a strategic digital marketing agency representing leading media publishers, membership organizations, event organizers, and nonprofits, helping them find and connect with their target audience. 7 Knots Digital is based in New York, NY.

As a lead generation and audience marketing expert with over 15+ years of experience, James Karklins specializes in lead generation, audience growth and virtual events and dealing with high-profile companies such as Gartner, Newsweek and Observer Media.

Karklins served as global chief marketing officer at Newsweek Media Group. He ran all marketing aspects of this $50M global B2C and B2B business, including, audience growth, events, circulation, brand development, and a global marketing team. Implemented customer data platform to drive digital sales, subscriptions and events. Launched a portfolio of B2B events in the areas of Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence.

He served as an Executive Board Advisor of Observer Media working with the board, CEO and senior management team to define Observer Media's future growth and investment strategy.

Kevin Novak

"Content is still king but the definition of content is evolving to include data," said Novak. "Digital and data are not only impacting your operations and positioning, they are also fundamentally altering consumer behaviors and decision making regardless of your focus (B2B, B2C or B2P). In that regard, transitioning from a media to a data and technology company is a significant shift that must accommodate a change in business model, changes in operational processes and most often changes in company culture and expertise of staff."

About 2040 Digital

2040 Digital Founder and CEO Kevin Novak has spent nearly two decades helping organizations find their place in the digital world.

Novak leads the CMO and CEO focused Marketing and Data Science Executive Council of Collaborative Gain, a community of smart, passionate leaders who help each other build better, more customer (and employee) centric companies. Members include companies like Apple, Airbnb, Nike, Google, USAA, TripAdvisor, Walmart, Wells Fargo, and more.

Previously, as Vice President Digital Strategy and New Business Development at the American Institute of Architects, Kevin was responsible for developing an integrated, forward-looking digital strategy, launching revenue-producing virtual/hybrid educational events and delivering digital-based subscription products resulting in revenue of over 20 million.

Novak served as chief digital officer and director education outreach at the Library of Congress. He built a centralized digital division to bring the Library’s many disparate websites into a cohesive experience and serve more than 22 million digitized items from its collections. He built the Library’s partnerships with Google, Flickr, Microsoft, Stanford University, and One Laptop Per Child.

He serves on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors for the Business Information Association (BIA-Connectiv), the Software Information Industry Association (SIIA) and the Specialty Information Publishers Association (SIPA), and has chaired working groups for the W3C Electronic Government work group, the U.S. National Research Council/National Academies, and the MOBI Foundation.

Digital Media Sales Enablement

Data and analytics are becoming key ingredients to defining, building and targeting audiences within a publisher's ecosystem. Yet many media companies struggle to to train their sales teams in how to effectively use data assets to close more deals and develop premium campaigns.

The Academy of Digital Media, the leading digital media sales and buying training company, is launching its latest course, Using Data to Empower Sales: The New Currency that Drives Media Transactions next month. The program offers in-person classes, on-demand webinars, and private training courses focused on helping sales teams maximize revenue using the data insights that ONEcount reports.

In addition, ONEcount customers who would like a tailored training program focusing on their specific needs and their specific platform implementation can benefit from a customized program.

Leslie Laredo, the founder of Academy of Digital Media has been an innovator in interactive media since 1983. She has been instrumental in dramatically improving the skills of sales media professionals as the industry transitions from print to today's mixed-media marketplace.

"Media itself has changed from a static group of well-understood products to a rapidly changing array of increasingly complex products, said Laredo. "Media sales professionals need to understand and embrace these new sellable data-driven assets to build true people-based targeting packages that better serves the needs of the advertiser. Academy training is the fastest way to learn how to do that most effectively."

Leslie Laredo

About Academy of Digital Media

Leslie Laredo has been a pioneer and innovator in the digital and interactive media industry since 1983. She has been instrumental in dramatically improving the knowledge and skills of media professionals on how to sell and buy audiences and content across the digital media ecosystem, as well as enable corporate and brand marketers to incorporate digital platforms into their plans.

In the last 20 years, Leslie has trained well over 110,000 professionals in multi-brand media and ad tech companies, ad agencies and brand marketing as well as consulted with junior to C-suite level professionals at a wide range of organizations, worldwide, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Her training and consulting services have been used and valued by C-level executives, vice presidents, sales and account managers, media buyers and planners and corporate, brand and product marketers. She has worked with media representing local, niche, national, B2B and international audiences; with accounts spanning many industries including technology, automotive, travel, financial, pharmaceutical and healthcare and more.

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