Relevancy at individual user levels

Personalized experiences create strong engagements driving conversions

Artificial Intelligence

Recommend relevant content to users based on their identity and behavior. Machine learning classifies and curates content.

Relevant Experiences

Keep users engaged, increase pageviews and average time on-site with content they’re interested in.

Content Analytics

Discover what topics your readers enjoy using web analytics reported by content type.

Valuable data and advanced technology

Content suggestions curated by a holistic view of the customer

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Increase Engagement

Content recommendations using A.I. automates personalization by suggesting content curated based on 1-5 algorithms—recently posted, look-a-like content, similar interest, trending and similar demographics.

Leverage Identity

The unique ability to configure recommendations based on user demographics, like job title—a key differentiator of ONEcount’s Recommendation Engine.

A.I. filters and algorhythms
Visitor Retention

Easily keep suggestions fresh and keep recommending content the reader has not yet read, increasing the value of the content to audiences.

Customer Journey Optimization

Leverage behavioral patterns and first-party identity to create relevant experiences that efficiently move users through the customer journey.

Use Case: PaywallsEngage your audience
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