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Data Exchange & Transformation

A data automation engine enabling data exchanges with any data source or third-party vendor.

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ETL for Everyone

ONEcount’s new tool allowing the customer data platform (CDP) to exchange data with any data platform in a simple, universally-accepted format.

Bi-Directional, Automated Data Sync

Complex data feeds with various types of input data feeds to ONEcount from any third-party system. Sync any data point such as text, metrics, dates, transaction data and more.


No data administration or IT background is needed to establish and schedule bi-directional data feeds between any source. No coding or API development is required. A user-friendly GUI interface organizes data syncs allowing users to prepare the organization of data exports.

Data Mapper

100% API-Free Data Transfers

DExTr uses a secure data feed to pass data files between hosted file locations. Eliminate the waste of costly API calls and expensive maintenance of integrations.

Grows with MarTech Stacks

New partners, switching vendors, and other changes on the horizon? Sync legacy data or add new data sources, and schedule updates on any frequency.

Data Warehouse

Consolidate all data into a single-source. Track user behavior and get insights to target identified users.

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