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Why ONEcount?

ONEcount is the only identity-driven advertising and targeting platform that was specifically designed for media companies. The software features a powerful targeting engine that can be used to target content and banners against both behavior and identity. One of the key benefits of ONEcount is its ability to convert unknown web visitors into "known" visitors, allowing greater segmenting and higher ROI. ONEcount's DMP makes your audiences more valuable to advertisers. We help you see who is doing what, where and when, giving you instant access to data that was once relegated to diverse silos held by multiple vendors.

  • ONEcount is the only identity-based advertising and targeting platform that allows marketers to have a one-to-one conversation with their customers

  • Hold all your audience data with a modular design that could be enhanced and expanded as new data points are added to the system

  • Tracks and manages every subscriber interaction, including web site registrations, web page views, e-mail opens and clicks, rich media downloads, and much, much more.
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