“All of Our Dashboards Sit in Separate Silos!”

How many times have you heard that from your team?

You’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on your tech stack. You’ve got your CDP, your SSP, your DMP, your AI, your ML – all the latest stuff.

Yet, your team or upper management can’t run an aggregated advertiser report or dashboards showing engagement across all your platforms. Without this unified view, making informed decisions requires that you know what’s working, what’s not.

ONEcount solves that problem. ONEcount is the only Customer Data Platform that lets you build and execute performance, campaign-level reports that can be presented to advertisers, sponsors and senior management.

All of our dashboards are password-protected, and all come with access and permission controls.

ONEcount combines all of your marketing data into a single platform, including e-mail, web, banner, video, trade show—all of your various engagement silos, into one super-scalable database. ONEcount has the ability to feed data on any frequency to your business intelligence tools such as PowerBI, Tableau or DOMO.

ONEcount also includes execution tools like a landing page and pop-up builder that helps execute offers in real-time, and connectors to your e-mail or trade show vendor that automate data transfer.

ONEcount can work with all of your other platforms to build a robust lake for all of your data, combined with innovative, easy-to-use tools for segmentation, targeting, landing pages–the whole stack!

Find out companies that use ONEcount say, “Our dashboards DON’T suck!” See it in action and request a guided tour today.