ONEcount Gets Social: Identify and Target Your Social Traffic

Social platforms have promised transparency but delivered anything but. Now, ONEcount provides a way to directly monitor your in-bound social traffic, with integrated identity reporting so that you can finally quantify the value of your social campaigns.

ONEcount’s new social analytics reports deeper insights into the traffic coming from your various social platforms. It even gives you the identity of known users so that you can determine the value of that traffic and make targeting decisions on the fly.

ONEcount tracks all of the major social platforms in a single interface so that you can see who is going to what pages on your site, and which social vehicles are getting them there. We also provide importance content consumption metrics showing the types of content users are reading on your sites when they come from each platform.

For more information about our social analytics or want a guided tour, contact Joanne Persico at or call 203-665-6211 x5204.

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